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Distance Challenged Ball Options

The QOLF Ball
QOLF (pronounced KWALF) is an indoor/outdoor game that is a cross between golf and croquet. Created in South Africa, QOLF has evolved into a leisure activity for golfers and non golfers alike, offering a fast paced, fun and easy-to-learn alternative to traditional lawn games and indoor family games. Further, golf instructors have found QOLF to be an ideal game to introduce children and newcomers to the game. The objective of the QOLF game is for each participant -- utilizing a golf pitching wedge -- to hit a specially designed plastic QOLFball through a specially designed frame arch within a minimum amount of strokes. Players can earn bonus points by hitting the ball through a target hole above the frame arch. To learn more , log onto

The almostGolf Ball
The almostGolf Company manufactures The Point 3 golf ball, the first solid core, limited distance, internal pressure practice ball that gives on-course performance in an off-course safe golf ball. It out performs hollow plastic golf balls and foam golf balls because it has true flight and real golf ball striking accuracy. The Point 3 compresses slightly upon impact just like a real golf ball, giving it real 'pop' off the club face and long-lasting durability. But because of its special core construction, which makes it extremely soft, and the fact that it travels one-third the distance of a normal golf ball, the Point 3 is neighborhood safe. In addition, all club distances correlate to actual distance with a regulation ball. Hit it straight, play a fade or shape a draw. The Point 3's true-flight characteristics allow you to accurately assess your golf swing, ball striking, and follow through. No more second-guessing whether you're hitting the ball well because the Point 3 responds just like the real thing. They have launched its new television campaign on the Golf Channel featuring legendary short game guru Dave Pelz. Pelz is the official endorser of the Point 3 practice ball and its breakthrough technology.  In the commercial, Pelz states that the Point 3 is “great simulation of a real golf ball off the clubface” and that “practice will never be the same!”  Both the TV spot and packaging highlight the key selling points of the Point 3.  The Point 3 is the first neighborhood safe golf ball that has the flight and spin characteristics of a normal golf ball. Visit

Backyard Golf
You can set up a course anywhere
Designer Golf is a backyard golf game you play with your own golf clubs. It's great entertainment, provides ample opportunity to improve your game, and best of all, your family and friends can join in on the fun.
Play Designer Golf  virtually anywhere you like, your backyard, a park or on the beach. It's a golfer's ultimate green fees or undesirable tee times!  The game has everything you'll need to layout a 9-hole course of your own design complete with tee markers, flags, cup rings, a pad of scorecards and a sleeve of specially designed, neighborhood-friendly golf balls. Improve your game, include the family and get started on a great season of golf.

Visit for info

Smoke Out On the PGA Tour
The Macanudo® American Passion Tour bus, a cigar lovers' paradise on wheels, welcomes PGA fans at tournamensts around the country.

 At the Western Open, the Bus is be located along the main traffic route from the driving range to the first tee of the championship course of the Cog Hill Golf and Country Club.

According to Bill Chilian, director of marketing for Macanudo, “Our traveling cigar lounge is an ideal complement to the Western Open - attendees can indulge in a premium cigar, while enjoying the camaraderie of fellow golf enthusiasts, all amidst the Macanudo American Passion Tour bus.”

Between watching celebrity golfers Tiger Woods and Jim Furyk, guests are invited to take a step on Macanudo's “green” carpet, where they can enjoy an extended outdoor lounge featuring Adirondack patio furniture, a big screen TV, a putting green and a blackjack table with a dealer. Equipped with state-of-the-art electronics and appointed with elegant leather furniture, the Macanudo tour bus is chock full of amenities, including a mirrored
VIP lounge that rivals those of rock star tour buses.

For more information about the American Passion Tour, please visit
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