In Conversation With...Corey Pavin

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In Conversation With...Corey Pavin
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Corey Pavin has just been announced as the 2010 United States Ryder Cup Captain.
Corey Pavin has just been announced as the 2010 United States Ryder Cup Captain. He was introduced to the media  by the president of The PGA of America, Mr. Jim Remy.

JIM REMY: ...  Thank you for being here today and thank you to all of you who are joining us via satellite from all over the world.

First of all, let me say that we are coming off a tremendous year at the PGA of America with just outstanding championships for the entire season, capped off by really one of the greatest Ryder Cups in history.

It has been a remarkable year for the game and for the PGA of America. The Ryder Cup trophy is back on U.S. soil once again, thanks to an outstanding United States Ryder Cup Team.

We are very proud of the United States Team and especially proud of our captain, Paul Azinger, who did an outstanding, fantastic job as our Ryder Cup captain.

He is a friend of the PGA of America, a long‑time supporter of the PGA of America, and a long‑time supporter in the game of golf and we could not be anymore thankful for the job that Paul did for us.

But today we are really gathered here to share another very important announcement regarding the 2010 Ryder Cup. The Ryder Cup is an event that demands someone that is experienced and a strong leader, and we have found just that man for the job.

He is a native of Oxnard, California and lives in Dallas, Texas. He turned professional in 1982 and today he becomes the 26th individual to be chosen as the United States Captain since The Ryder Cup began in 1927 in Worcester, Massachusetts.

He exemplified his enthusiasm for this job by competing in the 1991, 1993 and 1995 Ryder Cups. He served as the assistant captain with Tom Lehman at the 36th Ryder Cup at The K Club in 2006.

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