Mike Speaks To Media During A Sunday Off

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Mike Speaks To Media During A Sunday Off
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Weir Is Hoping For Good Weather On Monday
With the AT&T Pebble Beach on hold until Monday, Mike Weir spoke with the media again.

MARK STEVENS: I guess we'll just open it up to questions right off the bat since you really have nothing to comment on your round today.

Q. Did you hit anything today?

MIKE WEIR: No, I haven't been out -- I've hardly been outside.

Q. What do you think of the decision to try to play Monday, being that you're in second place by four shots?

MIKE WEIR: I want to play. I'm glad that we're making -- that they've made the decision to play. I definitely don't want to call it. I want to play, definitely. Today, tomorrow, it doesn't matter, I want to play.

Q. What would make you not want to play?

MIKE WEIR: Nothing (laughing). I want to play. I'm here to try to win this tournament. I don't think there's anything, really, outside of lightning. This weather is tough on everybody, and it will obviously be a battle out there, but it would be a battle for everybody, and it would be kind of fun to see what happened. It would be probably a lot of ugly golf out there, but it would kind of be fun to see who could handle it.

Q. When the tee times keep getting pushed back during the day, does that mess up your preparation at all? Do you sit there and are you pacing? What's your day like?

MIKE WEIR: It kind of does a little bit. I've eaten probably four times already, kind of up and stretching and then it gets back another couple hours. Luckily I've got my wife and kids here and I've got my cousin and his wife and their two girls, so we've been able to have some fun, play some board games. I've got my dog here, take him down to the beach and throw the ball around a little bit. I've been able to do that a little bit in and out of the rain bursts.

But yeah, it's tough to wait around. It's good at least, though, that we're not waiting around anymore today, that we can just concentrate on getting ready for tomorrow.

Q. How different or difficult will tomorrow be to have waited through today and then if tomorrow maybe gets pushed back a little bit, what's that going to be like? What's the effect going to be?

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