Bob Skura Appointed Core Golf's Director Of Mental Performance

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Former Canadian Tour Player, Learning Specialist, Author And Inside Golf Contributor Bob Skura, Has Been Appointed Director Of Mental Performance For The Core Golf Junior Academy

ORLANDO, Florida (July 19, 2010)-Core Golf Junior Academy is pleased to announce the appointment of former Canadian Tour Player, learning specialist and author, Bob Skura, as Director of Mental Performance.

Skura will begin working with Core Golf students this August.
"Bob brings the level of experience and expertise that we look for in our directors," said Tom Jackson, Director of Instruction and Founder of the Core Golf Junior Academy in Orlando, Florida.
"We have long recognized the impact a strong mental program has on player performance and we look forward to having Bob join our team in Orlando.

Bob will help Core students refine mental performance techniques in practice and then apply them under tournament conditions."
Skura said: "I'm excited and challenged by the opportunity to apply success principles from other disciplines to golf instruction.
"I believe that along with its world-class swing instructors and fitness program, the Core Golf Academy is taking golf instruction to a whole new level," said Skura, who coaches elite golfers including Nationwide Tour player Jon Mills.

A native of Kitchener, Ontario, Skura brings a background in competitive golf, corporate training, and sports psychology research to his role at Core Golf.
His experience on the Canadian Tour and in business taught him that strong mental skills are a prerequisite for high performance in golf, business and in life.
For nearly 30 years Skura has studied the works of leading psychologists such as Maria Montessori, Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, Lev Vygotsky and others with the intent of applying the best success principles in the world to golf.
The byproducts of Bob's research are a number of game improvement tools to deal with performance issues such as trust, self-talk and getting into the zone.

ImageThe tools include his award winning book, How Great Golfers Think, a companion WORKBOOK to assist college coaches in presenting the mental game, plus a CD of mental game exercises.

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The junior academy is part of the Core Golf Academy which provides high-quality instruction to all levels of players at two Greater Toronto Area facilities: The Core Golf Academy at Piper's Heath in Oakville, and The Core Golf Academy at Willow Valley Golf Course in Hamilton.
Nike Golf Canada is the official sponsor of the Core Golf Academy and supplies apparel, equipment, balls and footwear to Core Golf Academy instructors and to Core Golf Junior Academy students.
About Core Golf Junior Academy

The Core Golf Junior Academy is a full-time golf development program offering secondary-school education and comprehensive instruction in every facet of the game by PGA
Tour coaches Sean Foley and Dr. Craig Davies.

Located in Orlando, Florida, the academy provides intensive coaching to high-school-age and post-graduate players dedicated to becoming elite players and responsible world citizens.

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