Na-Na-Na-Na, Heyy-Heyyyy-Good-Bye....

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On the 9th hole at the TPC San Antonio in Thursday's opening round of the Valero Texas Open Kevin Na stepped into some heavy brush to find his wayward tee shot and then into professional golf folklore....

Everybody is familiar with the adage about not being able to take our eyes off of a train wreck or a bad car accident, as horrifying as it might be morally and visually we are drawn by some sort of morbid curiosity. 

And almost anyone who has ever tried to play the game of golf has suffered through their own version of 'Nightmare On A Golf Hole' (probably more than once....) while chopping their way to a very large number.....which often winds up being either an 'X' anyway or some number other than the one really incurred. 

But usually they only have to put up with the insults and ridicule of their 'buddies' in their foursome, not have it broadcast on live television and then posted on the internet for everybody - golf fan or not - to witness. 

Come with me then, if you will, into the Hell on Earth that was endured by PGA Tour professional Kevin Na in the Valero Texas Open this past week as he slashed and chopped his way to the highest recorded score on a par 4 by a PGA Tour pro in its history. 



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By Bryan Outram

Bryan Outram has been editor-in-chief for Inside Golf for the past eight years.

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