Bushnell Golf Launches Neo+ Golf GPS Rangefinder Watch

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With 25,000 Pre-loaded Courses and Extended Battery Life, NEO+ Golf GPS Offers the Next Generation of Distance Made Simple



Bushnell Outdoor Products, #1 in Electronic Measuring Devices for Golf, introduced the NEO+ Golf GPS Watch, extending its market dominance in the category.
With sky-rocketing demand for wrist-mounted devices, the NEO+ Golf GPS Rangefinder Watch is an easy-to-use GPS rangefinder, with instant measurements for golfers in a simple, lightweight form-factor.
“With the widespread acceptance of the original NEO GPS, we wanted to provide consumers with another exceptional GPS option that would provide extra benefits at an affordable cost,” said Terry Mears, Product Director at Bushnell. 
“While we may be known for our dominant laser rangefinders, at Bushnell we pride ourselves on producing industry-leading products that will give golfers the ability to enhance their game. We know that the new NEO+ watch will be extremely popular.”
The NEO+ Golf GPS Watch is the latest product to join the Bushnell family of devices offering Distance Made Simple.
The lightweight watch is simple to operate and comfortable to wear, giving golfer’s accurate front/back/center and shot distance measurements on 25,000 preloaded courses with no membership fees, more than has have ever been made available via GPS.
While other GPS watch devices run out of battery after just one round, the Bushnell NEO+ Golf GPS Watch allows golfers to play three rounds or over 14 hours without needing a recharge.
Additionally, when the product is functioning solely in watch mode, the battery can last over 12 months.
The NEO+ Golf GPS Watch is capable of instantly recognizing courses and has an auto hole advance feature which automatically changes from one hole to the next.
This great feature means that the golfer does not have to push another button for the rest of the round.
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