Getting Kids 'Schooled' In Golf

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by Jim Claggett

Adam Werbicki has a simple task, get as many young people introduced to the game of golf as possible.

With the help of many other golf professionals around the province and the National Golf In Schools program that task is well in hand.

"It's a program that was developed by Physical Health and Education Canada, also in partnership with Golf Canada and the PGA of Canada," Werbicki, who is the Associate Golf Professional at The Derrick Club in Edmonton, informs us.
"So it's a program where teachers can get this into the schools and teach it," he explained.
"It's designed for teachers to actually provide content, along with physical literacy and do lesson plans for them and it introduces the game of golf to kids without having a golf instructor there."
Professionals across the country, in fact, are on board and doing what they can to promote this item.
Having kids learn about the game in school is an interesting approach to the game with the kids getting some hands-on experience without being intimidated to some level at a golf course.
photo courtesy pga of canada website
Youngsters Learn Golf Skills In A Fun And Active Environment, Taking Some Of The 'Old School' Out Of Being Introduced To The Game
"Just getting the kids exposed to the game is really the key so that's our ultimate goal. They might play for the rest of their lives, they might play very competitive, we just want more people to be exposed to the game of golf, hopefully grow it a little bit," said Werbicki. 
So what is it about junior golfers for Adam? It goes back to a simple formula for many golf professionals, having had someone introduce the game to them which was very special.
"It's a game that we're very passionate about and so we'd like to do sort of the same thing for other people." And when it comes to juniors the door is wide open to get some benefit rom the game whether it's exercise, meeting new friends or simply learning a new skill.
It used to be juniors were at the bottom of the ladder when it came to getting access to the golf course but Adam says he's seeing more courses and pros getting on board with this program and make it more accommodating for kids to get involved in the game.
By making it more affordable, the equipment more accessible and being specifically designed for kids, it makes it easier for them to get into the 'swing' of things.
Key To Take Away From This Course
"Golf has a reputation when it comes to kids, of lining them up on a range and letting them hit balls," says Werbicki. 
"While the activities and stuff that we do with the kids, they might look at it saying, 'this isn't really golf', but it teaches them a lot of fundamental movements and sports skills related to the game of golf so they learn so much more about being good athletes and being exposed to what golf has to offer."
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By Jim Claggett

Jim Claggett is a journalist located in Red Deer, Alberta. He has been Inside Golf's Alberta Editor for the past eight years.

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