Video: New Liquor Laws To Benefit Golf And Ski Resort Businesses

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A major announcement was made this Monday in Victoria with respect to the modernizing of liquor laws and how they are applied to the businesses of golf and ski resorts in British Columbia.

The Province of BC unveiled a more streamlined licence application process for golf and ski resorts wanting to host special events.

Resorts currently must apply for individual licences every time they want to host an event beyond what their regular licence covers. Now they can apply for one licence that will cover up to 26 events.

Below is a video synopsis of the announcement featuring Attorney General and Minister of Justice Suzanne Anton, BC Liberal MLAs John Yap and Namoi Yamamoto, British Columbia Golf Executive Director Kris Jonasson and David Lynn, the President & CEO of the Canada West Ski Areas Association who were all present for the press conference.  


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