John Daly Using Vertical Groove Driver

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John DalyTwo-time Major champion John Daly has signed a multi-year deal with Vertical Groove Golf, LLC, and will now tee off with the Vertical Groove Driver.

Vertical Groove Golf is the golf industry’s newest original equipment manufacturer, and the first company to bring to market a golf club with vertical grooves on the club face. According to testing by an independent testing facility*, the driver delivers better accuracy and greater distance off the tee.

The Vertical Groove Driver, which conforms to the Rules of Golf, is the only golf club innovation to enter the market featuring vertical groove technology on the club face. The Vertical Groove Driver technology reduces side spin at impact, leading to 40% straighter ball flight on average, while also generating greater energy at impact, resulting in a stronger forward roll and increased driving distance.

As part of his agreement with Vertical Groove Golf, Daly will serve as Global Ambassador for the Company, sporting the Vertical Groove Golf logo on his left shirt collar, while the logo will also be prominent on his golf bag.

“I’ve been hitting the ball further and straighter off the tee since putting the Vertical Groove Driver in my bag,” said Daly. “I’m hitting more fairways since switching to this driver and the sound of the club at impact is terrific. I’m looking forward to strong success in 2017 utilizing Vertical Groove technology on tour.”

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* The Vertical Groove Driver was tested at Golf Laboratories Inc. on October 14 and 28, 2016.

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