Biion Introduces Fresh And Fun Biion Kiids Collection

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BIION KIIDS CollectionCOLLINGWOOD, Ontario — Biion Footwear proudly announces that the company will be releasing their latest footwear line developed specifically for kids — the BIION KIIDS Collection — at the upcoming PGA Merchandise Show.

The BIION KIIDS Collection of shoes are ideal for kids because they are easy to put on, lightweight, comfortable, and the imaginative styles appeal to kids. This new BIION KIIDS Collection includes Nickelodeon’s infamous Sponge Bob which captures the imagination of a child through their whimsical designs, while at the same time being easy for kids to run around in as well. The most exciting part (probably for parents) is that they are washable!

These new BIION KIIDS will be on display at the 2017 PGA Merchandise Show which is held at the Orange County Convention Center from Wednesday, January 25th to Friday, January 27th. The Biion Footwear Booth #2855 is conveniently located in the Golf Products & Services Hall. Media appointments are available by reaching Vanessa Price with Read the Greens, Golf & Sports Media at (714) 544-6515 or at For sales appointments, please contact Steve Gray, Biion Footwear Director of Sales, at (513) 223-5256 or at

Biion Footwear CEO & President Rick Buchanan states, “This fresh and fun BIION KIIDS Collection is unlike any shoe on the market for kids. As a youthful adaptation of our oxford brogue these shoes are perfect for any proper place like school or church but can we worn to play or adventure in. The lightweight, durable EVA is a material ready for any type of FUN. The shoes are easy to clean and dry in no time, always ready for the next day.”

BIION KIIDS CollectionThe new spring 2017 BIION KIIDS Collection has A LOT to offer for boys and girls that enjoy comfort and fashion. The variety of styles with the kids line is unmatched by any other brand. This is one of the most fun yet classy kid’s footwear brands to hit the market. Some of the different collections include Oxfords, Brights, Patterns, SpongeBob Square Pants, as well as classic Disney characters from the classic Mickey and Minnie Mouse, Finding Dory, Toy Story, and Star Wars. Kid’s sizes run from 4 to 13 and the youth sizes are available from 1 to 3.

Oxford Brogues are one of the most classic and iconic styles that are a hit with customers. Now they are available for children in a variety of colors! The styles include; all black, black and white, blue and white, as well as pink and white.

Biion is also introducing the new Oxford Brights, an extension of the Oxford line. The Oxford Brights feature the traditional silhouette with a playful twist. They are bright, bold, and match any child’s extensive imagination. These color combinations include; brick red with teal midsole, black with neon blue midsole, mustard with gray midsole, cool grey with pink midsole, yellow with neon blue midsole, orange with yellow midsole, hot pink with neon midblue sole, and green with orange midsole.

Biion’s specialty is breaking the mold and pushing the limit with their creative designs. Patterns by Biion is no exception. This exciting line for kids is fun, fresh and fabulous. Patterns by Biion are not only great for girls, but for boys as well. The different patterns include: Anchor with a white midsole, Tropical with yellow midsole, Zebra with hot pink midsole, Black Camo with an orange midsole, Python with a yellow midsole and Jungle with a coral midsole.

Two of the most exciting kid’s lines include collaborations with Nickelodeon and Disney. These partnerships have allowed Biion to create and design footwear based on popular characters that kids will love.

The Nickelodeon Collection features a full series of fun SpongeBob Squarepants footwear. There are eight different models in this kid’s collection with different patterns, colors, and characters. All of which include SpongeBob, Patrick and all of Bikini Bottom.

Another huge collaboration for Biion is with Disney. This agreement provided Biion an opportunity to develop footwear, which includes Disney’s most popular characters. You know what Walt used to say: “It all started with a mouse.” There are four different collections, which boast twenty spirited and artistic styles of shoes.

BIION KIIDS CollectionThe first collection features three of Disney’s biggest characters, Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, and Donald Duck. There are five different models of shoes showcasing these special characters. The colorways vary and they all incorporate Biion’s artistic pattern technique.

The second collection includes Disney’s most recent animated film star, Dory from Finding Dory. There will be a limited release of this special shoe in November, just in time for the Disney release of Finding Dory on DVD for the holidays. Other patterned shoes in this ten SKU collection feature the fun and colorful Muppets, (everyone’s favorite), the cast from Cars, and the posse from Toy Story.

The last (but not least) five-model collection comes from the movie blockbuster - Star Wars. This modern line incorporates bold prints, which showcase the film’s classic characters; Darth Vader, C3PO and more. This truly innovative line is what Biion’s 2017 kid’s line is all about. A fun shoe that kids will be excited to wear and adventure in.

About Biion Footwear
Biion Footwear was developed to inspire and represent people who don’t settle for the average or the norm. Those who are bold enough to embrace their own rules. The company was born out of a vision to create a versatile, comfortable, slip-on shoe that not only stands out from the crowd but attracts a crowd and fits a vast array of consumers. This foresight transcends lifestyle and transitions as a walking shoe to a golf shoe as well as boat shoe. From the outside, the Biion Shoe appears to an unapologetically fashionable but from the inside, the Biion Shoe possesses performance factors that separate them from the others. Biion’s spikeless hexagon-patterned sole with Hextra-grip technology provides maximum strength and stability, giving you the best possible traction through your every stride. Biion Footwear was born out of a vision to create a versatile slip-on shoe that not only stands out from the crowd, but attracts one wherever you go. No matter your style there’s a Biion for you.

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