Fall 2005

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A Natural Tie-In For  Odor-Eaters
It seems that finding possibilities for slapping a
logo on a golfer has reached a new low…literally. The DeFeet Custom Quarter Cuff Golf Sock allows the design of a custom sock to match company or event colors and logo. Defeet will customize a sock crafted completely in-house from the finest raw materials available, its turn-around time is 4-8 weeks. E-mail logos to sales@ggolf.com.

Hi There, What’s Your Handicap?
Finding a playing partner has been taken to a whole new level with the launch of the world’s most comprehensive internet dating service geared specifically towards golfers. A recently separated Gary Kelly came up with the idea when discussing ways to meet people with friend Mike Wyman, an avid golfer. The Halifax, Nova Scotia based pair became business partners & created a website. To sign up visit www.DateAGolfer.com

Singer Takes Time Off From Busy Dinner Club Tour To Help Caddies
The Professional Caddies Association and two-time Grammy Award-winner Michael Bolton have come together to breathe life into the PCA Caddie Anthem "Five Feet Away." Set to launch in October, "Five Feet Under" underscores the important role caddies play on and off the course. The PCA Caddie Anthem was initially written and produced for Bruce Edwards, Tom Watson's long time caddie and friend, and dedicated to all caddies worldwide." More than three years of work have gone into this project to capture the essence of the caddie's job on and off the golf course and put it to music in a way that will stick in the hearts and minds of people worldwide," says Dennis Cone, founder of the World Caddie Headquarters. PCA fans can visit www.PCAworldwide.com and sign up as a "Friend of PCA" - with a $35 contribution - to receive a download of the song when it is released.

Is This A Man-made Obstruction Or An Integral Part Of The Course?
A Georgia man has been given a maximum sentence of 10 years in prison for burying his girlfriend's body on the golf course where he worked. Robert Hill, 48, pleaded guilty in June to concealment of a death for burying Kayla Marie Wills without reporting her death two years ago, in July 2003. The 19-year-old woman's remains were found in March after Hill showed law enforcement officers where he had buried her on the 13th hole of a Braselton golf course. Hill was not charged with causing the woman's death, because autopsy results were inconclusive. Hill who worked as a heavy equipment operator at the golf course, has said he awoke one morning in the house the couple shared and found her dead. He made up a story about her running off with someone and kept the truth to himself for nearly two years.

The Woods Are Full Of (Now Findable) Long Drives
RadarGolf’s new RadarGolf system may be the answer for those wild tee shots. Using radio frequency technology, it’s intuitive and easy to use. When you hit a shot that is difficult to locate, pull out the handheld unit, press the “on” button, point it in the direction of interest, and begin walking toward the ball. When you move the unit from left to right, a pulsed audio tone (from the handheld unit) provides information on the ball direction and distance. An LCD signal strength display also provides visual feedback. The system is powered by a radio-frequency microchip that is embedded in the core of the ball. The system, which includes a handheld locator device and one dozen USGA-conforming RadarGolf balls and an instructional DVD, is priced at $349.95. Additional balls are priced at $39.95 a dozen. The balls have been benchmarked favourably against leading premium golf balls for both distance and spin. For some reason the system is allowed for posting USGA handicaps, but cannot be used in tournament play. Visit www.radargolf.com for more information.

You’ve Heard of Crows Stealing Balls…

According to The Island Packet a newspaper in Port Royal Plantation, Georgia, a local golfer landed his ball in one of the more difficult lies ever seen… perched on the the middle of an alligator's tail."It was a great thing," said Mike Rothermund, 74. "I've been playing golf for about 55 years and I've seen a lot of crazy things, but never anything like this." When Parris saw where the ball landed, he wasn't tempted to remove it from the gator's tail. He put down a new ball and, in compliance with course rules, wasn't penalized a stroke for the drop.

Spain's Eco-Golfers Aim To Drive The Brown
As golfers drive down freshly watered fairways while the rest of Spain endures a devastating drought, a crusading eco-golfer has opened the country's first water-free course. Paco LÛpez, a sports lecturer at a Madrid university, has designed a course that twists through dried-out grassland and past autochthonous trees, shrubs and aromatic herbs near the town of Quijorna, 20 miles west of Madrid. His nine-hole course, owned by Quijorna's town council, has replaced greens with "browns". Greens may be added later, when the course is extended to 18 holes, but only these and the approaches would be watered - requiring between 5% and 10% of the water of a conventional course. Although most golf courses in Spain are meant to use recycled water, the organization Greenpeace claims that only two out of 28 in the Madrid region do so. Local water authorities began disciplinary procedures against 10 of the courses for illegal use of water earlier this summer.

The Power Of Crystals Has Reached The Golf Course
FLGolf, Inc., U.S. distributor of the Volvik Crystal Ball (Get it?) is making some fairly tenuous claims. A recent press release implies that a number of golfers’ hole-in-ones were closely related to its powers. Inside Golf recently tested this admittedly very cool looking ball and found them a little on the hard side, but more than playable. Still, we did not get any aces. For more information regarding Volvik Golf Balls, go to volvikgolfballs.com

High Speed Hand Wedge
According to a report by the local NBC affiliate, a new type of vandalism was hitting (literally) Eastern Idaho, causing thousands of dollars in damage. Pocatello police had stated that someone was using a gun that shoots golf balls and  that they had received more than 20 reports of car windows being shot out. The gun was said to shoot these balls out with so much force that they were going in through the back window and exiting out the front.  Later the police changed their story saying the vandalism they thought was committed by a golf ball gun was actually just some young men with strong throwing arms.

Golf Art Goes Green
One of the series of humorous Toadage! images created by internationally recognized painter Jan Clizer, “Concentration” depicts a bullfrog, dressed in his comfortable Scottish tweed. This golfing frog, along with the others in the Toadage! series (the basketball player is pretty good), has a purpose. 40% of income generated is given to emergency medical charities in the country where sold. “Concentration” is available as a full-color 18x24 poster ($10) and mini-prints in two sizes. Other images in the Toadage! series can be viewed  at www.toadage.com

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