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Golding’s Girls Experience the Sweet Spot of Life, One Swing at a Time

Last Updated on Sunday, 06 July 2014 21:40 Saturday, 05 July 2014 19:27

Gayle Moss (


Sixty years ago a priest in Southern Ontario gave a set of sawed-off hickory golf clubs to a tiny 5-year old girl who wanted to play golf.
Little did he know what an impact that gift would have on her life and that of thousands of young girls in some of the most poverty-stricken regions of Africa.
Little Ginny Golding fell in love with the game and went on to become the first female member of the PGA of British Columbia.
She is a pioneer for women’s golf in B.C. and the poster child for players who are committed to giving back through golf.



From the Fairway: Up to 85 Possible Graves Discovered in Golf Course

Last Updated on Tuesday, 27 May 2014 17:11 Tuesday, 27 May 2014 17:06

graves on golf course

Canadian Press

ATLANTA, Georgia — Orange flags have been placed on a golf course in Atlanta's Chastain Park to mark the sites of dozens of possible unmarked graves.

Chastain Park Conservancy Operations Director Ray Mock said he always suspected there were graves somewhere in the park, and then he discovered an old map showing a cemetery.



From The Fairway: Growing The Game Of Golf One Club At A Time

Last Updated on Monday, 26 May 2014 23:10 Monday, 26 May 2014 22:35

by Gayle Moss (


During my most recent golf getaway to Maui, I played my favourite sport every day at my favourite golf resort on the island – Ka’anapali Resort.  
People often ask me, why Ka’anapali when there are so many great courses on the island? And my answer is always the same, “I’ve been playing golf on Maui since 2007.
Except for two smaller venues on the east coast, I’ve played every course on the island many times including two on Lana’i.  
I’ve even played courses that don’t exist anymore. And although most of these courses are worth the price of admission, they lack something that greets me every time I get out of my car at the bag drop at Ka’anapali – the Aloha Spirit that lives within the people who work there.”
Let me introduce you to just one of them – PGA Director of Instruction, David Havens.



From the Fairway: Caddy Dies During Madeira Islands Open

Last Updated on Tuesday, 13 May 2014 00:50 Tuesday, 13 May 2014 00:41

Iain McGregor

Canadian Press

SANTO DA SERRA, Madeira Islands (AP) — Zimbabwean caddie Iain McGregor died of a heart attack during the final round of the Madeira Open on Sunday, the European Tour said in a statement. McGregor, 52, was working for Scotland's Alastair Forsyth at the tournament when he collapsed on the ninth hole.



From the Fairway: Larrazabal Jumps Into Water to Escape Hornets

Last Updated on Wednesday, 23 April 2014 03:50 Wednesday, 23 April 2014 03:40

Pablo Larrazabal

Canadian Press

Bernie McGuire (AP)

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia — Pablo Larrazabal couldn't believe what was coming his way. He was playing in the second round of the Malaysian Open when a swarm of hornets "three times the size of bees" began an assault.

"They were huge and like 30 or 40 of them started to attack me big-time," he said. "I didn't know what to do. My caddie told me to run, so I start running like a crazy guy. But the hornets were still there, so the other players told me to jump in the lake."

Lee Westwood shot a 6-under 66 for a four-stroke lead, but this day was all about Larrazabal.



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