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Pro Golf Secrets Revealed: The Insider Story Of The Pro Golf Business

Monday, 21 January 2008 01:22

ImageSo you think you have what it takes to be a pro golfer?

Not so fast, Tiger!

From Stephen Govenlock’s point of view, it’s not just about being able to hit 300-yard drives and sink 45-foot snakes. It’s about hiring the right accountant, agent or caddy. It’s about how to get sponsorship in the early stages and how to become your own brand as your play improves.



How Great Golfers Think: Perfecting Your Mental Game

Last Updated on Monday, 17 December 2007 23:11 Monday, 17 December 2007 06:23

Learn To Emphasize Your Mental Game With The Help Of Bob Skura's New Book
At first glance, Bob Skura's new book, How Great Golfers Think, looks nothing like a golf book.

No pictures, no swing tips and the notes at the end of the book look like they belong in a university essay, not a golf book.



Summer 2007

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ImageThe Way of The Shark

How will history look back on the career of Greg Norman? These days, the two-time major winner -1986 and 1993 British Opens - might be remembered, not as the most talented golfer of his generation, which he undoubtedly was, but as the most talented businessman golfer of this generation.

And from this book, it appears that Norman does not have as much of a problem with that as one might think.




May 2007

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Chicken Soup For The Woman's Golf Soul

Another in the popular Chicken Soup for the Soul series, this book is ironically
penned by three male authors and only one female writer.



A Life In The Game

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Title: A Life In The Game • Author: Eddie Merrins with Mike Purkey Atria Books • $30.00 Cdn (hard cover).
Sometimes you can tell a lot about a book by who writes the forward. In “A Life In The Game”, Byron Nelson highlights a relationship with author Eddie Merrins that dates back to 1949. He refers to Merrins ‘as an accomplished a PGA Golf Professional as I have ever known’. And after reading this book it’s easy to see why.

As a player, he played in over 200 PGA Tour level events including eight U.S. Opens. His resume as a teaching pro includes stops at some of the most venerable courses in the U.S.: Merion, Westchester and Rockaway Hunt among them. He has been included on Golf Digest’s teaching panel, coached the UCLA Golf Team to a national championship (alumni include Corey Pavin, Steve Pate and Duffy Waldorf) and produced the acclaimed “Swing the Handle” golf book in 1973 and subsequent instructional videos. As the head professional at the Bel-Air Club in Los Angeles since 1962, he has rubbed shoulders with people as varied as Dean Martin to Hugh Grant to a 14-year old Tiger Woods.



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