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The Inaugural Colorectal Cancer Charity Golf Tournament

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The Spectacular Stewart Creek Golf Club Is Hosting The First Annual Colorectal Cancer Charity Golf Tournament Thanks To The Initiative Of Head Professional Clinton Schmaltz And He Says It Promises To Be A 'Hair Raising' Event - Photo Courtesy Facility
Hello all! My name is Clinton Schmaltz, and I am the Head Golf Professional of the Stewart Creek Golf Club in Canmore, Alberta.

As some of you who know me have noticed over the last year, my hair has been getting quite long.....I have been doing this with a purpose.



Northern Alberta Charity Events- 3.03.08

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Brenda Svicenec, The Hostess Of The Tournament, And Mary Farrell, An Employee At The Host BP Restaurant, Who Has Taken Part In Each Of The Charity Golf Tournaments Thus Far - Photo Credit Gord Montgomery
BP Ladies Charity Classic asks charity golf world 'Who's your caddie?'

Over the years charity golf tournaments have pretty much morphed into the mode of the same old, same old. You know, four guys on a team sometimes with a celebrity or a club pro, all on the tee box seeing who can rip the longest drive, who can keep their do-overs the longest after having bought and paid for mulligans, and of course, in the end seeing which team can shoot lights out to nab the top prizes on the day. Not all charitable golf tournaments are built in that manner, however.