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Interview With Jil Swenson, Of Stony Plain GC

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Jil Swenson, An Assistant Pro At The Stony Plain Golf Course, Is One Of Only 14 Female Golf Professionals In Alberta, And One Of Only Three In The Edmonton Area - Photo Credit Gord Montgomery
Despite being in the minority in her chosen profession, Jil Swenson has already carved out a substantial niche in the field of professional golf. The second year assistant pro at the Stony Plain Golf Course is one of only 14 females in the province to hold that job title out of the 500 carded assistant pros within the Alberta PGA. Given all that it would seem a tough task to face on a day-to-day basis, but in sitting down with Inside Golf Swenson said she's loved every minute of the challenges the industry has presented her thus far and she's ready for whatever may lay ahead as she enters her second season.



Q&A With Brian Butters, PGA Of B.C.

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Brian Butters Enjoys Meetng The Challenge Of Being The Director Of The Professional Golfers’ Association of BC - Photo Courtesy BCPGA
For many of us, managing the flight of our ball during a round of golf is an immense challenge. And generally, that might be the extent of our association with the game. Yet behind the scenes, there is much happening in an effort to encourage our continued enjoyment and participation.



President Peabody Brings BCGA Learned Leadership

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The BCGA's Anne Peabody Has Overseen The Amalgamation Of The Men's And Ladies' Associations As The First Woman President Of The Province's Governing Body For Amateur Golf - Photo Courtesy BCGA
Anne Peabody became interested in golf in the same fashion many other women have, she was encouraged by her husband and she thought it might be a good way to spend time together.



Q&A With Jim Rutledge

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Jim Rutledge shown with Bryan Carbery - Photo Credit: Dave Campbell Sr.
Jim has returned to Victoria after his first year on the PGA Tour. Inside Golf caught up with him at Vancouver Island’s longest running Pro-Am, the Hugh Carbery at in late August at the Uplands course. He shot 65 and won the pro division and immediately gave the cheque to the charity.



iG Fall Issue: Q&A At The Open With Kira Meixner

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Photo Credit Glen Erickson
While covering the CN Canadian Women’s Open Glen Erickson took the opportunity to ask Kira Meixner about her strategy at Mayfair, experiences with the RCGA, future plans, and reflections on the changing face of junior golf.

Talk about your strategy at Mayfair...
I had a different strategy on day two… I just played more aggressively and went for more pins than I did on the first day. It gave me a lot more chances for birdie. I didn’t make a lot of them but I wound up with some easy pars. That’s how I should play most of the time unless there’s a significant reason not to.



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