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KZG Introduces LCB Irons for Junior Golfers

Last Updated on Tuesday, 08 July 2014 05:07 Tuesday, 08 July 2014 05:04


NORTH HOLLYWOOD, California — KZG released its new and highly anticipated LCB Irons specifically geared towards junior golfers.

Modeled after the much acclaimed XCB iron, 20 grams of head weight were strategically removed and redistributed to specifically suit junior golfers and those with slower swing speeds. The design is guaranteed to provide confidence at address, ease of play, maximum forgiveness and stellar performance.



TaylorMade Continues to Produce, Enhance, and Innovate Golf Equipment

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Dr. Barry Lotz (iG)

The SLDR name has been synonymous with TaylorMade's "Loft Up" message since the launch of the SLDR driver in August, 2013. Excuse the acronym. The SLDR, pronounced SLIDER, is actually the name given to this driver period. It refers to the slider track on the bottom of the TaylorMade SLDR Driver, which allows the weight to be repositioned to encourage a fade or a draw. Following the success of the original, the SLDR S is the latest in this series of clubs -- promising "distance for all". The S is for the club's new look – a silver matte crown paired with black accents.



PING Launches Speed-Generating Turbulator Technology with G30 Series

Last Updated on Saturday, 05 July 2014 02:01 Saturday, 05 July 2014 01:32


PHOENIX, Arizona — With an emphasis on significantly increasing ball velocity and accuracy through a combination of advanced aerodynamics, plus new face designs and materials, PING introduced the G30 series — the company's latest innovations that provide golfers measurable distance gains without sacrificing key performance attributes such as control and forgiveness.

The G30 series includes two driver options — standard and SF Tec (Straight Flight Technology) — along with fairway woods, hybrids and irons. The product line can be pre-ordered beginning today at PING-authorized golf shops around the world.



Wilson Staff Launches Online Club Fitter

Last Updated on Monday, 14 April 2014 21:46 Monday, 14 April 2014 21:39


CHICAGO, Illinois — Like fingerprints, every golfer is unique with an individualized swing and approach to the game. With varying setup preferences, ball striking consistency, and ball flight control, there's no one-club-fits-all model for selecting irons and woods. That's the idea behind the new and improved twelve-club Online Club Fitter from Wilson Staff.



Wilson Staff Celebrates 100 Years with Centennial Equipment Line

Last Updated on Tuesday, 25 March 2014 23:46 Tuesday, 25 March 2014 23:16

Wilson Centennial Line

CHICAGO, Illinois — Over the span of 100 years, Wilson innovators have been at the forefront of designing equipment that helps athletes win. Working conjointly with its tour advisory staff over the past century, research and developers within the brand have pioneered new trends — from the first sand wedge to iron slot technology to low compression golf balls — all with the intention of helping both their tour staff and everyday golfers win on the course.

In its centennial anniversary, Wilson Staff wants to refresh the minds of contemporary golfers about what it has done to change golf, and pay tribute to the many professionals and amateurs whom have shared in the brand's success.



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