KZG Loves Lefties ... The ZO Plus Blades And More

KZG ZO Plus Blades

PALM DESERT, California — KZG now adds the left-hand model of its popular ZO Plus Blades for competitive lefties.

Lefties often feel like the step child with less equipment options than Righties. This is truly not a function of ignoring lefties, but rather more about commercial feasibility. When you consider the cost of tooling and amortizing that cost over a smaller volume of equipment sales, most golf companies opt for fewer leftie models.

"But KZG has always been different," reports Jennifer King, President of KZG. "We are a golf company, not a marketing company. Rather than change models every year (or every six months), KZG keeps its models available for many years...KZG clubs actually have intrinsic value!"

Lefties are just like other golfers...they have unique swings ... and thus one size does not fit all. KZG carries 7 models of left handed irons so that KZG Master Fitters can select the design features required for each lefty golfer:

  • ZO Plus Forged blade for the competitive player
  • Evolution III Forged midsize cavity back for the mid to low handicapper
  • Forged V Forged cavity back with low cg for the mid to high handicap player
  • EC II Progressive cavity back for the mid to low handicapper
  • XCB Deep undercut with low cg for the mid to high handicap
  • HPS Oversize with wide sole and low cg for the high handicap player
  • LDI And the new insert iron that will make everyone's game "young again."

"KZG has held the position as the #1 Custom ProLine due to its continuing commitment to offer equipment that is 'demonstrably better'" reports Jennifer King, President of KZG. "We don't skimp on our materials or our manufacturing processes ... we insist on perfection. We know our lefties will love the new ZO Plus which will prove to be the most versatile and accurate blades on the market."

The ZO Plus Blades are available in both RH and LH, #3-9, PW. Each ZO Plus Blade will be custom fit and custom built with the ideal shaft for every golfer's unique swing. MSRP starts at $179 per club depending on shaft selection.


About KZG
Founded in 1994, KZG offers equipment only through the finest professional clubfitters and teachers in the industry. KZG designs and manufactures exceptional golf equipment, but it is KZG's network of elite professional fitters, teachers and builders, who make KZG clubs unbeatable. By partnering exclusively with truly qualified professionals who have the skill, integrity and passion to really help improve a golfer's game, KZG has catapulted to a position of prominence in customized golf equipment. 

For more information on KZG products or KZG's 3-Day Master Certification Program for Clubfitters, visit or call (800) 200-8800 or (760)341-4433. KZG is located at: 42829 Cook St., Palm Desert, CA 92211.