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Electrician Reportedly Golfs 140 Times Over Two Years During Work Hours


An enterprising Aussie used a potato chip bag to mask his GPS locator while allegedly teeing it up one work day out of three.

Tom Colella, aged 60, employed by Aroona Alliance in Perth, Australia for the past 20+ years was accused of using a "Twisties" chip bag's metallic nature to act as Farady machine (a device that blocks electromagnetic current) to cloak his location.
Even though there were records indicating the man who has been Club Captain at the Lakelands Golf Club did play during work hours, the work commission who examined the case did not find enough evidence to support that claim. There was conclusive evidence however that he had not been at job sites where he supposed to have been.
Colella denied the golf allegations in an interview withe the Australian newspaper the Daily Mail, "The reason why this all started is because a person put in a complaint saying I'd been playing golf all the time. That was all refuted... this person's allegations were found to be false - then they decided to go into other information.'
Mr Colella, whose annual salary was around $110,000, said he plans to seek permission to appeal the commission's decision. He now makes just a few hundred dollars a week as an Uber driver."I'm not working at the moment. I do some Ubering, but at 61 it's pretty tough," he said. 
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