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You Too Can Play Like A PGA TOUR Pro

Image Courtesy YouTube/Mark Crossfield

by Ian Fabian

I have come to the realization that it's not too late to make a major career change. Following a few simple instructions, I can live the glamorous life of a PGA TOUR golfer. All I have to do is purchase all of the golf aids advertised on TV, practice with them for a very short period of time (in some cases less than 10 minutes) and my distance and accuracy will increase dramatically!

Not only will my distance and accuracy improve but my handicap will decrease as rapidly as my cash does at the race track!

I'm willing to admit that, on more than one occasion, I have purchased golf aids in an effort to improve my swing. Please don't get the mental picture of Kevin Costner standing in his trailer wearing all of Renee Rousseau's golf paraphernalia when she walks in, it's never been quite that bad.

My problem, and it's the same problem that many of us have, is that I don't believe in "instant gratification" …. it takes too long. If we don't start beating all of our competition and watch our scores drop by 5 to 10 shots in the first week after we've purchased it, the gear we were assured was the "miracle cure" for all that ailed our golf game gets relegated to the garage, spare room or closet.

The hiatus from purchasing the "ultimate" golf improvement tool varies from player to player but generally speaking is short-lived. Turn on the Golf Channel, pick-up a magazine or simply eavesdrop on a conversation at your local course and you'll be convinced that, while your previous purchases haven't yielded the results you expected, the next acquisition is sure to do the trick!

Next, we have the "I'm too smart to be taken in by gadgets" golfer. This person would never consider buying any of these self-help gadgets. He/She prefers to purchase videos such as "How to hit the flop shot", "Add 20+ yards off the tee" or "The Secret to Putting".

Failing to realize that the person in the video they're watching has innumerable opportunities to try over and over the shot they're showing you in order to get it correct or that they're a professional golfer who, while we're at work 8 hours per day, is on the course or the range perfecting their swing. The end result is pretty much the same; look for the videos in the garage, closet, spare room or your nearest garage sale.

My suggestion is this; seek out a golf professional and make sure it's someone who speaks your language (please refer to: The Key To Your Best Round Of Golf - Think About It).

Listen, spend the time practicing and don't, as much as you want to, expect instant results. Enjoy the game and the process.

About the Writer:

Ian Fabian is a self-proclaimed golf addict and makes no apologies for it. He can be found most weekends carving out his legacy on his home golf course and is easily recognized by the cloud of swing thought bubbles following him around like the cloud of dust followed Pig Pen from Charles Schultz' famous Peanuts comic strip.