Coach Labs Releases Gen i1, World’s First Intelligent Ball

Coach Labs Gen i1

Play With Intelligence, Bring Your Putting To The Next Level While Instantly Shaving Strokes Off Your Score.

LOS ANGELES, California — Coach Labs announces the much-anticipated production launch of the GEN i1, the world's first intelligent golf ball with a 9-axis embedded sensor, an on-board MCU and Bluetooth radio.

To make the product even more interactive, the GEN i1 will come with a Putter sensor that will show you the "cause and effect" of your stroke and ball.

The GEN i1 was introduced to the golf industry at the 2017 PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando, Fla., where it won the "Best New Game Improvement Device of the Year."

The founder of Coach Labs, Jason Koo, has been working with the top Aerospace engineers to create and protect a 9-axis sensor while infusing the PCBA core inside a real golf ball. The ball weighs and feels like a regular performance golf ball. The sensor measures initial direction, speed, impact force and ball rotation that provides accurate data about the user's direction and distance and relays it to a mobile device.

The sensor on the handle of the putter integrates with the sensor inside the ball to provide the "Cause and Effect" analysis right into the user's smartphone.

The GEN i1 app is very easy to use and intuitive. Once the user creates an account, the GEN i1 will be able to assess his/her skill level and provide a customized practice plan that will entertain while improving their skills. The games and drills will challenge while creating routines that will help to improve squaring up the face and consistent tempo to improve distance control and accuracy.

"Did you know that on average, amateurs miss up to six putts inside of six feet per round," said Koo? "The putter is the only club you use on every hole. So, by practicing your putting with the GEN i1, we can help lower your scores and make the game more fun and entertaining."

The new version of GEN i1 is now on sale only at Early backers will get a very special price.

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