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The New Rules Of Golf …Or The New 'Suggestions' Of Golf?

By Ian Fabian (iG Contributor)

Along with many of you my initial reaction to the anticipated changes to the rules of golf was to applaud the governing bodies for moving forward. As time has gone on and I’ve had some time to digest what’s taken place some questions have arisen.

Why has it taken the governing bodies so long to make what, for the most part, seem to be logical and common-sense changes to the current rules?

While I appreciate the move forward on their part, are the governing bodies so hamstrung by tradition that creating any precedent requires decades of study and innumerable meetings? I don’t believe that’s how to “grow the game” which seems to be the current war-cry.

Let’s examine a couple of the rule changes scheduled to take effect and one that has been glaringly left out.

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Electrician Reportedly Golfs 140 Times Over Two Years During Work Hours


An enterprising Aussie used a potato chip bag to mask his GPS locator while allegedly teeing it up one work day out of three.

Tom Colella, aged 60, employed by Aroona Alliance in Perth, Australia for the past 20+ years was accused of using a "Twisties" chip bag's metallic nature to act as Farady machine (a device that blocks electromagnetic current) to cloak his location.
Even though there were records indicating the man who has been Club Captain at the Lakelands Golf Club did play during work hours, the work commission who examined the case did not find enough evidence to support that claim. There was conclusive evidence however that he had not been at job sites where he supposed to have been.
Colella denied the golf allegations in an interview withe the Australian newspaper the Daily Mail, "The reason why this all started is because a person put in a complaint saying I'd been playing golf all the time. That was all refuted... this person's allegations were found to be false - then they decided to go into other information.'
Mr Colella, whose annual salary was around $110,000, said he plans to seek permission to appeal the commission's decision. He now makes just a few hundred dollars a week as an Uber driver."I'm not working at the moment. I do some Ubering, but at 61 it's pretty tough," he said. 
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Making Time For Pace Of Play

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By Ian Fabian

I don’t know about you, but I can’t seem to watch a golf television broadcast or read an article pertaining to golf these days without the “Pace of Play” topic being brought up.

The topic has been directly linked to the subject of “Growing the Game” which is in itself another buzz phrase of the day. One of the main problems, in my estimation, is that absolutely no one believes they’re a slow player and therefore the pace of play has nothing to do with them.

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Video: European Tour Challenge - The Heckle!

We've all heard the promotional line from the PGA TOUR "These Guys Are Good"...and very true it is. Meanwhile, based on the antics the fellows on the European Tour get up to, perhaps their tag line should be "These Guys Are Nuts"...

The RSM and European Tour Player Performance Study explores time spent from address to impact and the effects of pre-shot routine.

So, to put this to the test, Andy Sullivan and Thorbjorn Olesen challenged Nicolas Colsaerts and Paul Waring to a hole of golf. But no ordinary hole of golf. Awash with heckles to distract their opponents - expect megaphones, water fights, blindfolds and much more.

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The Rules Of Golf And Why You Should (Or Shouldn’t) Know Them

By Ian Fabian (iG Contributor)

It’s been several years now, but it seems like only yesterday. My good golfing buddy Dave, who was Club Captain of the Men’s Club at the course we were members of, was attempting to convince me I should join the Board and contribute my ideas to the general benefit of the membership.

There was alcohol involved and after some debate back and forth I asked what position Dave thought I might be suited for. Dave replied there was an opening for the Chair of Rules and Discipline he thought I’d be perfect for.

This article will (eventually) deal with the Rules aspect of the position, but allow me to pause here and state that when you’re the Chair of the Discipline committee people are very friendly to you on a regular basis whether they’ve done anything to worry about or not.

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The Key To Your Best Round Of Golf - Think About It

by Ian Fabian (iG contributor)

There is no doubt in my mind that the key to your best round of golf ever is the “swing thought.”

We constantly hear that the game is far more mental than physical and therein lies the power of the swing thought. For those who may be new to the game let me endeavour to explain exactly how the swing thought works (or, in some cases, doesn’t work).

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Golfer Hits Into Group In Front, Then Beats Man Unconscious With A Club

Michael Plumlee Of Texas Is In Critical Condition After Being Attacked By Another Golfer With A Club. (Photo/Brandi Plumlee)

CARROLLTON, Texas (Golf Wire) -- A Texas man is in critical condition after being attacked with a golf club while finishing a round at Indian Creek Golf Club in Carrollton, Texas, last Friday.

Michael Plumlee and three friends were putting out on the 17th hole a day after Thanksgiving when the group behind hit into them.

According to local news, Plumlee reacted by throwing the group’s balls off the green, prompting one of the men to respond violently in anger.

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BBC Requests Release from Contract to Deliver Live Coverage for The Open 2016

Following the BBC’s announcement, The R&A can confirm that it was approached in recent weeks by the BBC to discuss being released from its contract to provide live coverage of The 145th Open Championship at Royal Troon in 2016. After significant deliberation, The R&A has accepted the BBC’s proposal and agreed that the BBC be allowed to amend its broadcast arrangements for The Open 12 months early.

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