CaddieBasket Golf Introduces CaddieBasket


CaddieBasket Golf announces the launch of their flagship product designed to take golf training to the next level. The CaddieBasket literally raises your game by providing a basket where range balls can be kept to reduce the bending and twisting that usually comes along with range practice. Besides keeping range balls high and dry, the CaddieBasket has several other benefits beyond the traditional range furniture found at many courses.

The CaddieBasket Range System

  • Provides additional storage for beverages, range finders, smart phones, iPads and the host of technology available to the modern golfer.

  • Allows patrons/members to record their swing to support their game-improvement efforts.

  • Provides space to accommodate a golf towel and club ball as well as offers an optional battery charger.

  • Provides a slotted space to hold your clubs in place.

  • Allows for space to promote your club logo or promote local businesses through advertising to generate additional club revenue.

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