Loudmouth Golf Debuts New Fabric And Patterns

Loudmouth Golf Toucan StretchTech

Toucan StretchTech Men's Pant, Men's Short, Women's Skort (Photo/Loudmouth Golf)

SAN MATEO, California — Loudmouth Golf will present the first glimpse of their spring collection and unveil a new StretchTech Poly fabric, the new staple for all Loudmouth bottoms. The new performance fabric is wrinkle free, shrink free, color-fade resistant, and of course bright, colorful and fun.

"Last year we introduced a small offering of a poly fabric to test the market," says Loudmouth Golf Founder & Designer, Woody. "John Daly and our customers loved it so much that we decided to make StretchTech Poly the new standard."

Show attendees will get the first glimpse of eleven new spring patterns on the new StretchTech Poly fabric. Introducing the new designs:

Corned Beef – One of the comments Loudmouth Founder & Designer, Woody use to get is that his pants look like a tablecloth, so he thought, "Why not make it look exactly like a tablecloth?!" Perfect for a nice hot plate of Irish corned beef and cabbage. (Note: do not put a hot plate of Irish corned beef and cabbage on your pants.)

Toucan – Isn't a Toucan everyone's favorite bird? Pants just as colorful as your favorite childhood cereal box character and just as sweet.

Midnight Lagoon – This pattern mixes patchwork and popular tropical flora. Just like midnight under a full moon in Maui.

Shooting Stars – We added an American icon to our graffiti collection in bold black and white.

Tahiti – Picture Bora Bora...in the daytime. Who doesn't like birds of paradise?

You Jane – A new take on the original black and white zebra striped Loudmouth print, 'Tarzan' done in grey and electric pink...appropriately named You Jane (but it's for dudes).

Flamingo Bay – Loudmouth customers can't get enough pink flamingos. This is our fourth pink flamingo release! As long as pink flamingo lawn ornaments exist, Loudmouth will be using them in the collections.

Peaches & Cream – Designed for sophisticated socializing at the races! These colors are soft, delicious and sweet. You can bet on 'em!

Melons – This fresh design of turquoise and red screams summer. You'll be one in a melon when wearing these!

Wedding Crashers – Patchwork was the original "go to hell" pant. In true Loudmouth fashion, we took it a step further and included some vintage Loudmouth prints in the design. You don't need an invitation when you show up in these.

Hunnids – You'll belong behind the velvet rope with these. VIP! Models and bottles required.

Loudmouth licensees will also be at the show exhibiting in their respective booths: Loudmouth ball markers by Navika USA Inc. (booth #4342) and Loudmouth knit head covers by Just4Golf LLC (booth #3950).

For more information, visit loudmouthgolf.com.