Golf Canada Gold – Breathe Easy (Video)

From $6,000 in Incident Protection to the ability to track an Official Golf Canada Handicap Factor®Golf Canada Gold has something for everyone.

PLUS even more golfer benefits!

  • Discounts on merchandise and event tickets
  • Free or discounted access to online rules education
  • Golf benefits with RBC Home Insurance
  • Discounts on Golf Canada merchandise
  • Discounts on event tickets to the RBC Canadian Open and CP Women’s Open

You may be good on bentgrass, but not with bent clubs.

  • Golf Canada Incident Protection provides up to $2,500 reimbursement for damaged, lost or stolen equipment

Bad shots are now pane free.

  • The only thing worse than an errant shot is one followed by a loud crash. Golf Canada Incident Protection provides relief in the event your ball damages a window on or near the course

Your drives rock, but your driving not so much?

  • Golf Canada Incident Protection covers you in the event of an unfortunate, and potentially costly, golf cart accident

What’s your number?

  • You hear it on the first tee of almost every round. Your Golf Canada Handicap Factor® is as much a part of the game as your putter