Golfers of All Levels Practice Smarter With SC200 Swing Caddie

SC200 Swing Caddie

Every time a golfer has to take their practice time off the golf course, they're at a disadvantage. Whether they're running drills in the backyard, against a net in their garage, or even at a driving range, they're often stuck guessing whether their performance in practice is actually getting them closer to reaching their goals on the course.

Fortunately, the SC200 Swing Caddie can help golfers evaluate their swing and track their improvement in any environment. As seen on The Golf Channel, this portable launch monitor generates immediate feedback on each shot, including swing speed, smash factor, ball speed, and carry distance. It also features a Target Mode that allows users to create a distance challenge completely tailored to their individual goals.

In Target Mode:

  • The user selects a target distance between 40-200 yards. This will be their target distance for a round of ten shots.
  • The SC200 Swing Caddie displays immediate carry distance feedback and scores each shot for accuracy. (A perfect score is 10.)
  • The user receives one bonus point for every shot that matches the target distance exactly.
  • After ten shots, the SC200 display's the user's total score for the entire round. (100 is a perfect score.)

The SC200 also features Approach Mode, in which the device randomly selects a different target distance for each shot, enabling golfers to work on adaptability and distance control. The default mode for the SC200 is the standard Practice Mode, which simply displays stats for each swing with no designated target distance.

The device even stores swing data for the last 100 shots, making it easy for users to track patterns in their swing and measure improvement.

No matter how it's used, the SC200 Swing Caddie is the secret to productive, customized golf practice.

Moreover, this device can be used anywhere, anytime. The SC200 is about the size of a smart phone and features a lightweight construction. It also boasts an intuitive design and user-friendly features, such as:

  • A remote control for switching between modes and settings with ease.
  • Club and loft angle selection for the most accurate readings possible.
  • Distance Voice Output, providing immediate voice readings for carry distance.
  • Barometric Pressure Calibration and Doppler Radar Technology for pinpoint accuracy.

There is no reason weekend golfers should have to spend valuable practice time just drilling the motion of their swing. With features like Target Mode, golfers can finally create a highly personalized practice plan and accurately evaluate nuanced skills like distance control. Even better, the scoring system gives them a "score to beat"-natural motivation to keep working toward their goals.

If you are interested in helping your clients practice smarter with the SC200 Swing Caddie, we'd love to hear from you.

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