Tour Edge Launches Five New Color Coordinated HL-J Junior Sets

Tour Edge HL-J Junior Sets

Tour Edge announced the introduction of its Hot Launch HL-J line of junior sets specifically designed and color coordinated for five different age groups of junior golfers.

Each club is loaded with much of the same technological and innovative design advancements that Tour Edge employs in its award-winning Hot Launch 3 line of clubs that launched in January of this year.

New lightweight technology is progressively tailored for every set to create ideal weights for each age group. The sets also feature custom grip sizes for each age group.

“Our dedication to bringing the best value and high-performance junior sets to golf has culminated with the launch of the brand new Hot Launch HL-J sets,” said Tour Edge President David Glod. “What better way is there to grow the game than by offering parents and retailers affordable, easy-to-fit, high-performance sets that fit every age gap?”

The five specialty sizes are color coordinated to aid in easy and accurate fitting/sizing:

64” to 67” Royal Blue – 11-14 years (7 clubs: Driver, Fairway Wood, Hybrid, 7/8 Iron, 9/PW, SW, Putter and Stand Bag)

58” to 64” Red – 9-12 years (7 clubs: Driver, Fairway Wood, Hybrid, 7/8 Iron, 9/PW, SW, Putter and Stand Bag)

52” to 58” Green – 7-10 years (5 clubs: Driver, Hybrid, 7/8 Iron, 9/PW, Putter and Bag)

46” to 52” Orange – 5-8 years (5 clubs: Driver, Hybrid, 7/8 Iron, 9/PW, Putter and Bag)

40” to 46” Yellow – 3-6 years (3 clubs: Fairway Wood, 7/8 Iron, Putter and Bag)

The HL-J driver is modeled after the wildly successful HL3 driver and features the same Variable Face Thickness technology featured in the best-selling driver. Variable face thickness technology provides more contact points on the face that provide better off-center hit distance, so miss-hits fly just like on-center strikes.

Another HL3 property included into the HL-J set is the Power Channel on the sole behind the club face. The Power Channel is designed to deliver amplified ball speed and less spin, as well as added forgiveness on shots struck lower on the face.

The low-profile HL-J fairway wood included in three of the sets is an easy-to-hit, high-launching club that ball quickly gets the ball into the air. It also features VFT technology and a Power Channel.

Advanced hybrid technology is infused with the HL-J hybrid that features a wide sole and low center of gravity for easy-to-hit shots.

Oversized irons with extreme perimeter weighting give the HL-J irons a large sweet spot for superior forgiveness while the HL-J mallet style putter is easy to align for accurate putting.

Every set comes in a lightweight dual-strap stand bag that incorporates a 3-way top and five zippered pockets. Every HL-J set is also available in a left-handed version.

The Royal Blue Set and the Red Set carry a $169.99 retail price, the Lime Green Set and Orange Set retails for $139.99 and the Yellow Set sells for $99.99 retail.

The sets will be available at a Tour Edge retailer on August 13th.

About Tour Edge
In 1986, David Glod founded Tour Edge with a focus on offering golfers with high quality and technologically advanced golf products that were as cutting edge as they were affordable. He is now considered one of the preeminent master club designers in golf club design and has led Tour Edge to be a Top 10 manufacturer in every club category.

Tour Edge is driven to provide the very best in forward thinking technology and in utilizing advanced materials that are proven to perform better than the status quo. Independent robotic tests and professionals who play Tour Edge products on the PGA TOUR, PGA Champions Tour, LPGA Tour and Tour without club contracts have proven time and time again that the unique technology approach that Glod and Tour Edge have taken has set them apart from the competition. Tour Edge, an American owned and operated company for more than 32 years, manufactures and sells golf clubs under three distinct brand names: Exotics, Hot Launch and Bazooka.

Exotics products bring futuristic technologies to the marketplace with tour preferred designs and smaller production runs. • Hot Launch has forged a name for itself as a producer of high-quality premium game improvement golf clubs from driver to wedge.

Hot Launch has proven to provide the greatest custom fit value in golf and includes an unprecedented guaranteed 48- hour custom fit delivery program.

Bazooka represents the absolute best value available in golf, offering advanced players, beginners, women and juniors the best in playability and affordability.

All Exotics and Hot Launch clubs are hand-built in the United States and then distributed throughout the world. Every Tour Edge club comes with a Lifetime Warranty and a 30-day play guarantee.