New PEAK™ Online Educational Platform Promises To Bring Performance Insight To Golfers Of Every Level

Foresight Sports, creator of the award-winning GCQuad launch monitor and the golf industry’s all-time best-selling professional launch monitor, the GC2, has announced the release of an online version of its comprehensive PEAK™ educational platform. The new service is designed to deliver the program’s world-class educational and instruction content to audiences ranging from PGA professionals to players of every skill and interest level.

Developed by award-winning PGA Professional instructor Liam Mucklow and set to include content from renowned instructors including Martin Hall, Butch Harmon, and Michael Breed, the new PEAK Online platform will launch with the program’s complete Level One course curriculum.

“The PEAK Online platform has the same objective as our highly successful PEAK seminars – to guide the golfer, fitter, or instructor of every type and skill level through the process of understanding, interpreting, and applying the industry-leading data that devices like the GCQuad and GC2 deliver,” says Foresight Sports Vice President Jon Watters. The platform will be accessible by anyone, even people who do not own Foresight Sports technology. According to Watters, this represents a huge step forward for the industry. “Whether outdoors on the range or indoors on the golf simulator, we want everyone who hits a shot on a Foresight Sports device to walk away with a deeper understanding of what their numbers mean and how they can be applied to improving performance. The PEAK Online platform will help us achieve this goal.”

Beyond providing an in-depth look at how Foresight Sports defines, measures, and analyzes dynamic ball and club data, the PEAK Level One curriculum outlines how captured data translates to player performance. Online students who successfully complete Level One training will receive a Technology Certification for all Foresight Sports launch monitor technology, and access to further levels of PEAK training.

In addition to the Level One curriculum currently offered, PEAK Online members will also have access to a library of exclusive articles and videos focused on performance and professional improvement, as well as an online forum for tips and insight from the program’s renowned team of educational advisors. PGA Members who successfully complete the PEAK Level One curriculum will receive two MSR credits.

The PEAK Online platform is scheduled to release on Monday, August 13

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