Social Media Influencers Join #inviteHER Campaign


DAYTONA BEACH, Florida — A little over a month after the #inviteHER campaign was launched, the initiative today becomes more than a concept but a call-to-action with help from celebrities and social media influencers across the golf and lifestyle spaces calling on their fans and followers to take part. This #inviteHER Day asks golf enthusiasts to use social media to extend an invitation to the women in their lives to join them for a golf experience, whether it be on the course, driving range or Topgolf facility. 

Among those taking part in the day are golf influencer Ashley Mayo (Twitter: @AshleyKMayo), golf-shot trick artist Tania Tare (Instagram: @taniatare63) and entertainment influencer Alicia Quarles (Instagram: @alicialquarles). 

“We’re thrilled to see of people from all walks of life advocating for the mission of #inviteHER,” said Ashleigh McLaughlin, Senior Manager of Digital Marketing and Brand Strategy for the LPGA Women’s Network. “An invitation is a simple yet powerful way to encourage someone to try something new and with the help of influencers sharing this message we know more women will be inspired to take part in golf.” 

To follow along with the first #inviteHER day, visit the #inviteHER social hub and join the conversation using the hashtag #inviteHER and tag @wearegolf (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram), @LPGAWomen (Twitter) and @LPGAWomensNetwork (Facebook, Instagram).

In August the U.S. golf industry – driven by WE ARE GOLF, a coalition of leading organizations working together to communicate the game's economic, charitable, environmental and fitness benefits – launched the #inviteHER campaign, which encouraged current golfers to extend an invitation to the women in their lives to start playing the game.

Powered by the LPGA Women’s Network and WE ARE GOLF's Women's Task Force, golfers – men and women alike – are urged to bring friends, colleagues and family to join them on the course through online resources and social media assets. The #inviteHER movement seeks to create an enjoyable, welcoming experience for those interested in trying the game or picking it back up – whether through a group lesson, complimentary clinic, driving range session or on-course experience.  

#inviteHER's primary objective is to grow awareness and participation among women and girls through the power of an invitation from one of the 24 million American golfers. The game should more closely mirror U.S. demographics as only 24 percent of the current golf population is female. 

Want to get involved? #inviteHER encourages all golfers to support the movement by posting on social media about how they plan to encourage women to take up the game. 

For more information on #inviteHER, click HERE.