G/Fore Releases New Style Of Shoe... The MG4.1

The MG4.1 adds to G/Fore's luxury lifestyle apparel, footwear and, glove lineup...

Going quite far from G/Fore's normal, the MG4.1 is a stylish athletic shoe which comes with a lightweight comfortable performance feel.

The G/Fore philosophy is to allow golfers to express themselves while bringing more fun and flair back to the game.

The shoe brings four fashion-forward colorways including Onyx, Snow, Poseidon, Birch and, Pewter.

“MG4.1 is years in the making and demonstrates our passion for pushing the boundaries of footwear styling, technology and functionality for both on and off-course use,” commented Giannulli.

“We have been extremely successful with our classic and street styles over the past few years, but felt we needed to expand the collection to include an athletic style to give golfers a fresh new look that also delivers serious performance. On the PGA Tour, Bubba Watson will be wearing the MG4.1 and we fully expect to see all of our tour ambassadors around the globe sporting them soon.”

Check out G/Fore's website to follow the release https://www.gfore.com/