Exhibitors at the 2019 Edmonton APGA Golf Show: Remedial Wellness

Is the body hurting from too much golf? Check out Remedial Wellness... 

 Remedial Wellness/Edmonton Shockwave Therapy 

Founded as a Canadian health centre with a European twist, Remedial Wellness boasts a variety of superior quality products and services, supported by an experienced staff that ensures your well-being is a top priority.

Offering health and wellness treatments ranging from medical regeneration to anti-aging services, Remedial Wellness is also home to many sought-after product lines and is a Certified Eminence Organics Green Spa.

Your wellness team will always select the right product for you and educate you on how to maximize its use.

Check out their website here http://remedialwellness.com/


 Be sure to head to the Edmonton show to check out all these golf courses and businesses at the 2019 show.

Date: March 9th and 10th, 2019

Venue: Edmonton Expo Centre

Click HERE to find out more https://www.pgaofalberta.com/events/golf-shows/