KZG Expands Its Most Popular Hybrid Line

PALM DESERT, California — KZG is expanding its most popular line of hybrids by adding 3 new lofts - RH 38o and 42 o; LH 30 o.

The H370 Hybrids have proven to be KZG's most popular line of hybrids to date. Combining the best features of both woods and irons, the H370 Hybrids have received rave reviews for its superior performance coupled with universal appeal to golfers.

Offering the greater distance of a wood, and the control of an iron, the H370 Hybrid has taken off in popularity and is quickly replacing more and more irons in golfer's bags.

"We listen to our worldwide network of dealers which is comprised of the most highly skilled Master ClubFitters" reports Jennifer King, President of KZG. "Our dealers have their hand on the pulse of the industry, and because they deal with golfers daily, they know what golfers need to play their best. They asked for more lofts, and we complied with 3 more additional lofts".

The H370 Hybrids are a mid-size profile, with offset and a low center of gravity for ease of play and ease to launch the ball. The face insert is maraging steel forged with roll and bulge for hot, hot rebound. The gear effect of the roll and bulge maximizes forgiveness.

Most golfers are achieving an additional 10 yards in distance with the H370 as compared to an iron with the same loft. And given the low center of gravity, the H370 makes it easier to launch the ball. "Our network of dealers are literally fitting golfers with H370 hybrids to replace every iron from #3 to #9" reports King, "and seniors and recreational players are enjoying their game a great deal more as a result."

Now available in: RH: #3/18o, #4/22 o, #5/26 o, #6/30 o, #7/34 o, #8/38 o and #9/42 o; LH: #4/22 o, #5/26 o and #6/30 o. Suggested retail starting at $149 for a custom fit and custom-built hybrid club, available exclusively through KZG Dealers.

About KZG
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