Video: Katherine Roberts Tip For Breaking 90, Exercises To Increase Shoulder Turn And Strength

Golf fitness through yoga expert, Katherine Roberts, has an exercise routine designed specifically to increase shoulder turn and strength, both of which are essential if you really want to get the maximum potential out of your swing.

In order to build a proper swing arc it's really important to get the shoulders turning as the start of the backswing.

Image Caption : Good Flexibility Is Essential To Making A Strong Shoulder Turn For A More Powerful Golf Swing

Too often we see players simply swing their arms back which also results in picking the club up far too early.

That motion will significantly reduce both the length and shape of a swing arc. In turn a far less powerful and indeed efficient swing takes plac, robbing us of precious distance which is so critical if you want to get the ball to the hole sooner.

Watch below as Kathering demonstrates three very helpful exercises that will assist you in making a better, more dynamic shoulder turn in your golf swing.