90 for 90: Celebrating Mr. Palmer

90 for 90 Arnold Palmer


In honor of what would have been Arnold Palmer’s 90th birthday this year, “90 for 90” is a celebration of 90 moments from Mr. Palmer’s incredible life — one highlighted each day, for 90 days, from June 13 until his birthday on September 10, 2019.

More than just historical notes, the 90 moments showcase Palmer’s love of family and of aviation, his business acumen, his philanthropy via the Arnold & Winnie Palmer Foundation and other efforts and, of course, his incredible golf career.

Each month, we will highlight stories that show the positive impact Palmer and the Arnold & Winnie Palmer Foundation have on local communities. We invite you to join the celebration at www.arnoldpalmer.com as well as via TwitterInstagram, and Facebook, and to share your thoughts and personal Palmer memories online using #AP90for90.

Stories, photos, and creative courtesy of www.arnoldpalmer.com.

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