Warming Up To Hitting It Long

To hit long straight shots it is imperative to be properly warmed up prior to hitting balls.  Whether you are just practicing or going out to play 18 take 5- 10 minutes to warm up your muscles.

Figure 1

Warm muscles lead to increased flexibility and mobility which in turn leads to increased distance and accuracy.

The biggest misconception in golf is that distance comes from swinging your arms faster.  In fact, according to PGA Tour player Stephen Ames, power is generated from the ground up.  Your legs are key in generating club head speed, thus it is important to warm them up.  

Figure 2

Stand up straight with your shoulders back holding a club parallel to the ground at chest height close to your body (see Figure 1).  Then bend your knees into a squat position keeping your chest up, try to get your quadriceps close to parallel to the ground and simultaneously push the club away from your body (see Figure 2). 

Repeat this sequence 10-15 times. This movement will actively stretch your calves, and quadriceps along with warming up your shoulders.   

Figure 3

The shoulders and surrounding muscles are also key to getting into the proper positions to make a power move and a good turn.

Figure 4

Take a club behind your back and grip the club with your right hand on top with the palm facing toward your body and your left hand on the bottom palm facing away.  

Pull up towards the sky with your top (right) hand only.  This will stretch your deltoid (front of the shoulder) and your triceps (see Figure 3). 

Figure 5

Hold for 2-5 seconds then pull your (left) bottom hand down towards the ground. This movement will stretch your rotator cuff, lats and triceps (see Figure 4). Hold the position for 2-5 seconds and repeat the up and down motion 10 - 15 times.  

Switch arms and repeat by gripping the top of the club with your left hand palm facing in and the right hand on the bottom, palm facing out.

Figure 6

Finally, put your right arm straight out in front of you and pull it with the back of your left hand towards your chest.  Ensure that your right hand thumb is facing down (see Figure 5).  

Hold for 2- 5 seconds then using your shoulder muscles, swing your right arm away from your body rotating your thumb up towards the sky focusing on keeping the arm straight and standing up tall (see Figure 6).  Repeat this motion 10-15 times then switch arms.