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FTF Video: Man Mercilessly Mashes Mercedes With Golf Club

We’ve always felt the golf bag mention carmakers often use when it comes to describing the luggage capacity of a vehicle could be replaced with something better.

Nevertheless, one AMG owner in China has found a whole new meaning for this.

The man, aged 33, used one of his golf clubs to smash the Mercedes-Benz S63 AMG he owns after what appears to have been a nerve-wracking warranty dispute with his dealer.

Image Caption : What Is The Right Thing To Do When A Mercedes-Benz Car Dealership Doesn't Come Through On A Warranty Claim? Apparently You Smash It To Bits With A Golf Club To Teach Them A Lesson

Upon parking the Affalterbach luxury sedan in front of the Shin Sung Motors dealership in Guangzhou, the owner of the car methodically smashed the car. 

We haven’t heard of a body panel maintenance rule stating the driver should put a hole in each one, but this is what happened. In fact, the angry man made more than one hole per panel, paying special attention to the glass and plastic surfaces of his Merc.

What determined the owner to switch from golf course to golf coarse?

The man reportedly snapped after the dealership refused to offer him a refund on his stalling car, as the local media writes. It seems the S-Class had experienced stalling issues on multiple occasions, and after the customer had approached his dealer, he was promised he’d get his money back should the problem occur again.

The engine did stall on yet another occasion, leaving the man stranded with his family on board. Truth be told, such situations can lead to issues much greater than a journey delay, such as a crash. He headed to the dealership on the spot, but things didn’t turn out as expected.

The employees told the owner that the man responsible for taking such decisions was on a business trip, and they would have to postpone the case. You can check out the man’s reaction in the footage below.

Would you have gone down the same route, making lemonade out of our S63 AMG lemon?