57-Year-Old Colin Montgomerie Lost 18 Kilos (40 Pounds!) And Looks Better Than Ever

Colin Montgomerie


With the impromptu offseason halting the schedule, Monty is one of those dedicated players using the break as an opportunity to improve himself. The most impressive change was some hard work in the gym: 57 year-old Monty shed about 40 pounds and looks a shadow of his former self. On the right is a picture of him from July 2019; on the left from this past weekend.

Monty said his weight loss has helped him gain some distance, which is also in part due to some swing changes he’s been making with his coach Kevin Craggs. As you can see in the below before-and-after sequence, Monty’s arms are moving more around his body nowadays; turning his arms rather than lifting them up too high and causing him to get steep.

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