PXG Invites You To Reinvent Your Game With Its Fall/Winter 2021 Collection

PXG is pleased to announce the launch of its Fall/Winter 2021 Apparel Collection. Designed with a modern and edgy flare with an emphasis on style and wearability, this sport fashion collection highlights the duality and versatility of the apparel, proving it is performative on and off the course.

Fall/Winter 2021 was inspired by the incredible power, resilience and new beginnings we have experienced this past year. New York City provided the perfect backdrop for the collection.

“New York City has always been one of my favorite places in the world- the vibrant energy, diversity, strength and endless innovation found in NYC was at the forefront for the Fall/Winter 2021 Collection,” says President and Executive Creative Director of PXG Apparel Renee Parsons. “I wanted to create pieces that reflect the way I feel walking through the streets of New York: renewed, invigorated, and empowered to take on anything.” 

The designs of Fall/Winter 2021 pay homage to PXG’s DNA. From sophisticated monotone hues, to performance driven designs, to the presence of strong logos, each piece was designed to highlight the core PXG brand tenets. Parsons states:

“For this collection, we looked at the details that make our brand innovative, sexy and exciting, and updated these features in an urban and edgy way.” 

Fall/Winter 2021’s color palette ranges from shades of black and white to tan and green including PXG’s seasonal color, “Warrior Green.” This collection uses muted hues to highlight the luxurious textures and fabrics made of eco-leather, cashmere and sustainably sourced cotton. The shapes are all encompassing yet soft and structured: the skirts introduce new movements and elegance, the sweaters are bold yet enveloping, the blazers and pants are tailored yet comfortable and the puffer jackets give ease and protection.  The range of offerings includes lifestyle pieces for any occasion, challenging you to reinvent your game far beyond the golf course.

PXG Apparel is not only advancing its wearers performance, but the brand’s performance as well. In keeping with PXG’s commitment to sustainability, half of the Fall/Winter Collection has been sourced and produced sustainably. Fabrics made from recycled products, produced in green facilities, including mills and factories, and the inclusion of environmentally friendly and socially responsible textiles, makes this collection the most sustainable to date.

About PXG Apparel
Founded by American entrepreneur and philanthropist Bob Parsons in 2014, PXG produces some of the world’s finest golf clubs and apparel. PXG Apparel was established in 2018, with Renee Parsons as the President and Executive Creative Director of Apparel, offering customers seasonal sport fashion designs for any endeavor. PXG  has an unrelenting commitment to performance excellence founded on the premise of unlimited time and resources dedicated to research and development – an unusual approach with a groundbreaking end game.