Female-Led ORCA Golf Expands Exclusive Collection, Inclusive Mission

LAUDERDALE, Florida — Female-founded and led ORCA Golf revealed their exclusive ORCA Pod™ and in-house custom-designed golf bags this week on their new website www.orca-golf.com. In addition, they are showcasing why they’re in business: to embolden the golf industry to be more purposeful, inclusive, and sustainable.

“Our new website is about more than the product, it’s about the people. That’s what our business is really about,” said Erica Bennett, who also is the company’s chief designer. “We subscribe to the ‘look good, feel good’ philosophy. When clients have the bag that they’ve designed with us, they feel seen and special. Because they are. That’s what makes ORCA Golf different.”

Deborah Bennett, who serves as CEO of ORCA Golf, concurs, “We give people what they want. With ORCA Golf bags, clients feel like they stand out.” She highlights that ORCA Golf stands out with both mission and merchandise to empower and inspire current players while attracting more women and men to the game from all walks of life.

The refreshed site features pre-order capability for full leather bags and an array of accessories made with new, patent-pending premium quality lightweight materials that are functional for everyone—from everyday golfers to tour professionals. Highlights include:

  • The full release of their new golf bag models.
  • An updated news section dedicated to telling more purposeful and inclusive stories.

Also, customers can expect to see more of the “giving back” culture that is central to the ORCA Golf mission. “Contribution and support are essential to what we do,” Deborah Bennett stated. “At the heart of it all, we’re an empowerment company that decided to revolutionize the design and manufacturing of golf bags.” 

Erica Bennett agrees. “We give back to every tournament and charity that works with us,” she said, and explained that gifts range from their unique ORCA Pod™ to fully custom-designed bags to hand-picked accessories.

More information about pre-ordering bags and accessories for delivery dates of December 2021 through May 2022 is available at ORCA-Golf.com.

About ORCA Golf
ORCA Golf, a female-founded and led Ft. Lauderdale golf bag and accessories company, offers bespoke products and customer service with a revolutionary, inclusive stance. ORCA Golf’s mission is to pave the way for future generations and make the golf community more purposeful, inclusive, empowered, and sustainable through custom design, exceptional service, visionary leadership, and aligned partnerships. ORCA Golf changes the game by empowering and inspiring current players and attracting more women and men from all walks of life to play golf.