BC's Fraser Valley Courses Hit Hard By Flooding

The Recent Flooding In BC Wreaked Havoc On The Fraserglen GC   - Image Courtesy Facility

By Brad Ziemer, British Columbia Golf

Corrine Allan doesn’t hesitate when asked if she thinks her golf course, now one giant water hazard, can recover from the devastation brought by the flooding in the Sumas Prairie area of Abbotsford.

“Oh gosh, yes,” says Allan, owner and general manager of Fraserglen Golf Course. “I am going to aim for March.There is a lot of water and debris on the course, but once that is cleaned up and the greens are cleaned over time, it will come back just fine.”

Make that lots and lots of water. Allan estimates her clubhouse and restaurant had as much as five feet of water inside them.

“And we have a lot of equipment, as do farmers in the area, that are under water,” she says. “We have our pro shop and a restaurant and another house on the property that are all ruined, basically.”

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