Eddie Bullock Working With PGA of Canada

Eddie Bullock has been the leading expert, working alongside the PGA of Canada, in successfully creating innovative and completely original e-learning content for the PGA of Canada Training Academy.

The PGA of Canada is the third largest Professional Golf Association worldwide and a global leader in education offered to professional golfers. The recent E-Learning programme, ‘Building the Customer Experience at your Golf Facility’, built alongside Bullock, is one of the association’s most innovative and successful to date.

“Day in and day out, our members play a central role in delivering exceptional customer experiences, so the creation of ‘Building the Customer Experience at your Golf Facility’ was much needed and has been nothing short of a resounding success,” said PGA of Canada Chief Innovation Officer Matt Allen. “With the game of golf growing so quickly, we need to ensure our pros are growing with it. This innovative course gives members one-on-one feedback from Bullock and plays a large role in their professional development.”

The course applies unique step-by-step learning module strategies, gives fresh techniques, and reframes practices to fit the diverse skills of the PGA of Canada member.

Eddie says he was excited from the moment he had the opportunity and challenge to reframe and transform the customer experience expectations to fit the modern golf facility culture. 

“The course we created is special because, while it is done virtually, you still have that one-on-one instructor to student interaction and relationship that is important when it comes to learning,” said Bullock. “Not only is our work helping PGA of Canada members to provide exceptional customer experiences, but we are also empowering them with the confidence to be stronger leaders and share their learnings with their teams.”

Bullock, who is a European Customer Service Award recipient, continues to assist the PGA of Canada in building new programming for the Training Academy that will help more golf professionals deliver memorable guest experiences throughout the entire customer journey.

In addition to the creation of new programming, the Training Academy plans to continue offering ‘Building the Customer Experience at your Golf Facility’ with Bullock as the facilitator for the foreseeable future to help the growth of more Canadian professionals.  

Eddie Bullock https://eddiebullockgolf.com/

PGA of Canada https://www.pgaofcanada.com/