“Variety Is The Spice Of Life” These New Golf Products Certainly Fill The Spice Shelf

(Photo From The LA Golf Website)

LA Golf P-Series 105 Graphite Putter Shafts

LA Golf’s P-Series 105 graphite putter shafts stand at the forefront of innovation in golfing. They have earned the endorsement and trust of golf stars Dustin Johnson and Bryson DeChambeau, both users and proud owners of LA Golf.

Comprehensive in its offerings, LA Golf produces high-quality shafts for drivers, woods, irons, and putters. What sets them apart is their commitment to ensuring that what everyday golfers play with is precisely what their PGA TOUR players trust on the course.

The P-Series is not merely a putter shaft; it’s a proven winner and record-setter, having established records for the most strokes gained putting in a tournament. This achievement underlines its prowess in enhancing performance on the green.

An exceptional feature of LA Golf shafts is that their entire structure is proudly made in the USA, distinguishing LA Golf as the sole company to manufacture the full product line domestically. This commitment to American craftsmanship sets a standard for quality and precision.

The 110-gram P-Series 105 takes center stage as the most popular and widely discussed putter shaft across all tours. Renowned for its extreme stiffness and low torque, this shaft minimizes deflection and bending, a common issue with traditional steel shafts during longer putts.

This characteristic ensures superior distance control and guarantees that the ball starts on its intended line. Incorporating a proprietary material, all P-Series shafts offer a unique and superior feel that adds a distinctive touch to every putt.

What I liked about the P-Series 105 shaft is the torque reduction and superior distance control derived from the stiffness of the shaft. I am more than happy to have a stiffer shaft if my putter head does not twist on impact and produces great stability and a smooth roll aka consistent ball launch.

What makes LA Golf’s putter shafts truly exceptional is the incorporation of their proprietary anti-vibration material. This innovation catapults the P-Series into a league of its own, making it the best feeling putter shaft on the market.

The P-Series is designed as a straight shaft, specifically fitting into an L-neck style/shaft in hosel putters. Available in both black and white, the P-Series 105 and P-Series 135 come uncut at 36” with .370 or .355 tip options. For those seeking the P-Series 180 armlock, it comes uncut at 46” with a .370 tip, providing versatility for different playing styles.

In summary, LA Golf’s P-Series 105 graphite putter shafts embody excellence and innovation in the world of golf equipment. Backed by the trust of professional players and boasting a range of features that enhance performance, these shafts are a testament to LA Golf’s commitment to quality and precision in every swing. LA Golf’s P-Series 105 graphite putter shafts stand at the forefront of innovation in golfing.

Priced at $410.00 on www.lagolf.com.

(Photo From The RipIt Grips Website)

RIPIt Grips & Headcovers

RIPIT is for the new generation of golf players who don’t mind stepping onto the green with Sunday game passion and a Saturday night vibe.

Bring an interesting, cool, fun, and somewhat controversial product to a very stale and boring product category: golf grips.

They are fun! They perform as well as any brand-name golf grip available and their presentation and packaging are a step above. I love their colour selections and the putter grips’ design is strikingly awesome.

With names such as Uncle Sam (shown), Marilyn, Pin-Up Hunting, Squiggle, Bones, Bloody Ripper, and Daily Diet, you can and should expect something different. Attention-grabbing is a definite. 

How can you not love this product description?

The Uncle Sam – the two-toned American masterpiece. Built to promote the land of opportunity. Patriotism never felt as good as you watched your ball fly as graciously as the bald eagle migrating south for feed in the winter.

Stars to support your leading hand in taking control and stripes to soften the trailing hand in supporting those 300 irrational swing thoughts. Listen to Uncle Sam: "We want you."

(Photo From The RipIt Grips Website)

The grip’s texture feels great and is soft and supple. The grip’s packaging is different and unique. The grips come boxed individually with a foam interior!

A Wedge & Wood 3-pack sells for $51.95, an Iron Set of 8 sells for $133.95, and the Full Set sells for $226.95

(Photo From The RipIt Grips Website)

As for the head covers, the response elicited is rather overwhelming! There are no other head covers quite the same. The designs are VERY artsy and great for all genders.

The head covers are for woods only and they are made with fabric so waterproof they might just change the saying from “water off a duck’s back.” This fabric is super stylish in its appearance and is scuff and tear-resistant and also tells mildew to take a hike. This Australian-made design comes from Desired Line Co.

They are priced at $79.95.

It behooves you to visit the company’s website: www.ripitgrips.com.

(Photo From The Takomo Golf Website)

Takomo Golf’s Skyforger 001 Wedges

Takomo, a prominent golf manufacturer based in Finland, has been capturing the admiration of golfers and critics alike with their remarkable irons that deliver outstanding performance, aesthetic appeal, and exceptional value for money.

Their unwavering commitment to the golf community is reflected in their mantra and mission statement, emphasizing cost-effectiveness by minimizing marketing expenses and streamlining retail processes.

While Takomo does not align with the traditional in-person fitting model, they empower customers with an extensive array of customization options, including shaft, lie, length, and grip choices. To optimize your set, it is advisable to invest in a professional fitting session at True Spec or Club Champion before placing your order.

The Takomo SkyForger 001 wedges, often dubbed as “Dart Throwers,” boast a soft feel, impressive versatility, and precision around the green that sets them apart. Crafted from S20C carbon steel with a progressively tapered blade thickness, these wedges cater to players seeking precise trajectory control. The strategic weight distribution in higher lofts enhances spin and height control, while lower lofts prioritize ease in executing full shots.

In our testing group’s evaluation, the SkyForger wedges earned acclaim for their tactile feedback, ability to stop on the green, and notably, their affordability.

Takomo’s product range extends beyond wedges to include woods and irons. What’s truly noteworthy is that all Takomo clubs combine visually stunning irons with forgiveness, a potent feel, and performance that rivals the best in the market.

Priced at $89.00 each, the SkyForger wedges are available in 48 and 52 degrees with 8° of bounce, while the 56 and 60-degree wedges feature 10° of bounce.

Explore the full range of Takomo products at www.takomogolf.com.

 (Photo From The Popticals Website)

Popticals Pop-Out PopStorm Folding Sunglasses 

Popticals are a breakthrough in sunglasses that combine Italian craftsmanship, premium optics, and unique, patented portability in a wide range of designs.

There is an exceptional fusion of quality, convenience, and performance, reflecting the individuality and active, engaged lives of those who choose the Popticals experience.

Popticals features a patented FL2 Micro-Rail System that allows the sunglasses to compact down to a small size, keeping them safe from damage in their custom case. This compact hard-shell case, specifically engineered for PopStorm, offers unmatched portability and protection, easily slipped into a pocket or clipped to a backpack. The glasses suit an active lifestyle.

The NYDEF Nylon Lenses, manufactured by Carl Zeiss Vision, are significantly clearer and 18% lighter in weight than polycarbonate lenses for optimal performance.

The Swiss Grilamid TR 90 frames provide long-lasting durability, resistance to extreme temperatures, and a comfortable lightweight fit. The glasses provide complete UV protection that filters out 100% of harmful UVA and UVB rays. The hydrophobic and oleophobic lens technology repels water, oil, sweat, and dust for distortion-free vision.

Additionally, Popticals both resist scratch and impact, and the shatter-resistant lenses keep your eyes safe and vision-free of distortion. The wrap-around design provides a great fit for outdoor activities and all-around protection.

Pricing ranges from $143.00 to $209.00

A variety of styles are available at www.popticals.com.

(Photo From The KBS Golf Shafts Website)

KBS Tour GPS Graphite Putter Shaft
Available for glue-in putters only

Crafted from premium materials, the GPS putter shaft boasts a low-torque design, enhancing both control and feel. Elevating the customization game, it offers a diverse array of matte and gloss colour options, allowing you to personalize your putter to the fullest.

In response to the increasing weight of putter heads across the industry, there emerged a demand for a sturdier alternative, one that could deliver enhanced stability and balance. While some attempts at this fell short, the KBS GPS putter shaft emerged as a standout, successfully achieving a harmonious blend of solidity and tactile feedback.

Acknowledging the subjective nature of “feel,” it’s worth noting that many of the latest putter shafts often lean towards a board-like sensation, lacking responsiveness and a smooth feel. The 124-gram KBS GPS putter shaft stands out with its exceptional combination of stable rigidity and precise response.

This shaft not only provided me with a heightened sense of control but also offered valuable feedback upon impact with the ball. The low-torque design, minimizing deflection bend, instilled confidence in my putting stroke, especially when facing those troublesome five-footers that have plagued my game for the past year.

The addition of stiffness without a weight increase in the KBS GPS shaft effectively boosts the putter’s Moment of Inertia (MOI). This results in reduced twisting at impact, ensuring that even on mishits or center strikes, your putt stays truer to the intended target line. As mentioned earlier, the shaft’s profile facilitates consistency in your stroke, making it notably easier to always find the center of the putter face.

Available in .355” and .370” tip diameters and straight “bend” only 124 grams.

It is priced at $150.00 on www.kbsgolfshafts.com.

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