Like Everything In Life, You Get What You Pay For & These Glasses Are Worth It

By Gord Montgomery, Senior Writer, Inside Golf

PALM SPRINGS, California — These sunglasses aren’t your dollar store variety by any stretch of the imagination. But then again, you get what you pay for. With USwing eyewear, you are indeed getting something great for your investment.

In this case, seeing is believing and what you see through a pair of USwing sunglasses is uncompromising quality. After all, in a list of pluses, these shades are far above anything else ever produced, thus the seemingly stiff price point. When you outfit yourself for golf, you are willing to spend $700 or more on a driver that you use maybe 14 times a round, or up to $600 on a putter that you may wield 36 times or more during your appointed round. With a good pair of sunglasses though, you wear them on every shot on every hole, not to mention they can be worn to, and from, your appointed round.

When you slip these glasses on, you first notice not only the quality but the weight: a scant 21 grams or as light as a single AA battery. They are comfortable and not only that, they look good. Beyond that, they help your golf game. At this point, I could lecture you about how these glasses helped my putting game as I am a notoriously poor putter, but I’ll keep it short.

I recently played five rounds of golf on courses in Palm Springs, CA, that I’d never played on, or even seen, before January. I had no idea of the slope and grain on any of the greens I eventually got to. They clearly distinguish colour changes in the grass which is a huge benefit before striking any shot but especially those for your par or even the odd birdie attempt. While these glasses are geared mainly for putting, they are also great for clarity all across the course wherever your ball may end up, as the direction of the grass is growing is highlighted

As for my putting prowess before donning these specs, allow me to say if I finished 18 holes having only struck about 40 or so straight stick shots, I would consider that a fairly good day.

Once I put on the USwing glasses though, let me humbly state that I was impressed with myself. While I didn’t record an astounding number of 1-putts (that has more to do with not hitting the ball close to the hole!), I only 3-putted twice over the 90 holes played, an absolute virtuoso performance for me. That wasn’t just due to a new putter in my bag, although that helped. Most of the praise here goes to the USwing glasses for allowing me better to read the subtle contours in front of me

These glasses are constructed with cutting-edge technology that includes 100% UV400 protection. They also block out 80% of blue ray light. The lenses are a shade of grey-green which is comforting to the eye and are the same shade that airline pilots use. One interesting note that I have yet to experience is that these glasses aren’t just for sunny days. They are light-enhancing so cloudy days, or even rain, aren’t an impediment to wearing them.

One guy who has had some success on the PGA TOUR, Phil Michelson, uses USwing and had this to say: “They are light enhancement glasses that are made for overcast and rainy days. They add light, help to read greens, and protect from wind and raindrops.”

Along with the multi-Tour winner, others now sporting these shades include a rising star on the LPGA Tour, Rose Zhang, and C.T. Pan, so they work for those playing for millions of dollars in prize money so think how much they could aid you in your weekly Nassau bets.

While USwing sunglasses are pricey, they are a good investment because they’re not only made for golf — they are made for everyday life.

But in closing, I will say they do help with your putting game!

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