Pro Says Indian Wells Golf Resort Amenities Like “Disneyland For Adults”

By Gord Montgomery, Senior Writer, Inside Golf

INDIAN WELLS, California — This is about the most fun you can have in the dark with your clothes on. In a way, Shots In The Night shines a new light on the game of golf.

Even though the Indian Wells Golf Resort is a wonderful 36-hole facility, not everyone is into that style of game. The management at this upscale resort setting decided to be more inclusive and allow non-golfers to get into the swing of things through interactive challenges that use every club in the bag.

“On Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights, we don’t close at five o’clock like most golf courses,” said Joe Mitchell, the Director of Golf at Indian Wells. “We have a program called Shots In The Night.”

The Wonderful Expanse Of Putting Greens At The Indian Wells GR In Palm Springs Turns Into Something Much More Intriguing Once Night Rolls In At This Desert Setting. (Photo By Gord Montgomery/Inside Golf)

What happens is the driving range, complete with Toptracer screens, uses glow-in-the-dark balls that let users follow the ball into the darkness. In all, 20 range stations can run at one time. Multiple dedicated putting greens use laser-based systems to place targets on the grass to aim at.

“On the range, you hit at targets; flagsticks that are glowing. There are glowing target baskets that you can hit actual shots at. There are seven (yes, seven!) grass-putting greens powered with laser technology from Nextlink and you can play a variety of putting games. There are nine different games you can play like darts with a bulls-eye where the cup is. There’s a shuffleboard game; a corn hole game. Beer pong is a game where there are ten lights and you’re trying to roll your ball like you toss your ping-pong ball into a cup. Then there’s the putting challenge, which is great for wage setting, things like that” Michell said in an all-encompassing explanation.

Laser-Based Targets Set Up On The Putting Greens At The Indian Wells GR, Giving Those Who Have Never Experience The Game Before A Taste Of What Faces Them On the Course, Except in Daylight. (Photo By Gord Montgomery/Inside Golf)

“Both of those opportunities, you rent the station for $65 for an hour, for anywhere from two to five people. If you have like a double date or something, it’s very affordable: $15 a person. You have some fun out there. Hit glow-in-the-dark golf balls. We have a laser show going out there. Music is playing. The food truck is open with a bartender. A lot is going on.”

While this is an off-shoot of the actual game of golf, it is something that is drawing attention, Mitchell continued. The Indian Wells set-up was the first for Nextlink on the greens and the whole idea has been featured on TV shows. When first opened a few years back, Shots In The Night was voted the second-best innovation in golf.

“It’s a great experience. A ton of fun,” the pro said, about having fun in the dark with your clothes on.

For more, go to and follow the link to Shots In The Night.