Super Seniors Swing Into Action At The Ranch G&CC

By Gord Montgomery, Senior Writer, Inside Golf

Golf is for everyone of every age. After all, you’ve seen those thousands of videos on YouTube and TikTok of youngsters whaling away at a golf ball. You’ve witnessed more than a few ‘golden oldies’ puttering about on your neighbourhood executive layout.

Speaking of older players, those classed as Super Seniors—guys with the game—will be teeing it up at a course just outside Edmonton for provincial honours. This event follows the PGA of Canada’s Assistants’ Championship, held on the same track last summer. The older set won’t be playing at the same distances the young guns were placed at.

Asked what makes his course the ideal spot for major tournament play, Murray McCourt, the GM/Executive Professional at The Ranch, said his track can host anyone, and everyone, regardless of age on an interesting design.

“One of the big things at The Ranch is it’s got such a vast variety of holes,” McCourt began in describing this property. “You’ve got holes where you can pull out the big stick and whack away and not get yourself in any trouble. There are other holes with narrow tee shots, water, and trees coming into play. There are links-style holes that make you think you’re in Scotland. It’s just the overall variety where you see a lot of different holes,” on this par-72 gem.

As to what the toughest part of his course is that the Super Seniors (65 years of age and over) will face once they swing into action in August, McCourt noted that the older set this year will encounter the same stretch of holes that broke some title dreams for the young guys last year. It all comes down to the home stretch, he noted.

“For sure, it would be 15 through 18. It doesn’t matter what level of golf you play at, or what tee you play from, 15 through 18 at The Ranch are going to test everybody. There’s some water in play. Some tough tee shots. You have to be on your game coming into those last four finishing holes at The Ranch if you want to win a tournament. Those holes are going to be the ones that decide the tournament, no question.”

While that finishing stretch is enough to wear your molars down from frustration and stress, there are some holes where scoring opportunities lie in wait.

“Two, three, four,” he immediately pointed out the holes where players can make hay. “Two’s a shorter par-5 and a birdie is very realistic there. Three is a short par-3 where you’ll probably not get into too much trouble. Then four is a shorter par-4 where the longer hitters are going to have a wedge in their hands, and again have a good look at birdie. So that’s three holes in a row, bang-bang-bang, on the front nine where you can get yourself going.”

A quick start at The Ranch Golf & Country Club is indeed important in deciding a champion regardless of age. The Alberta Golf Men’s Super Seniors Championship is a 36-hole event that is slated to take place on August 28 and 29, 2024.