The Sport ACGV SPOOS0 Line Eyewear

By Gord Montgomery, Senior Writer, Inside Golf

As the weather warms up in Western Canada, golfers not only want to look cool on the course, they want to be cool. You can achieve both of those by sporting the newest line of shades from Adidas.

The Sport ACGV SPOOS0 line of eyewear is designed to keep your facial area cool during a round of golf or elsewhere given their unique design. The frame on these glasses is light and comes with built-in air vents to help in any kind of breeze buzz around your head. The arms have adjustable non-slip temple tips. These are extremely light, weighing only 32 grams, so you won’t even realize they are there.

The lenses on these high-end shades have a super clear coating KOLOR UP™, which helps to reduce light intensity and offers you superior colour perception. When viewed from the front, the lens has a differing colour to them ranging from blue to yellow and green. These lenses are also great for UV protection. The frames are also flexible, meaning that while you do need to be careful putting them on and taking them off, some over-bending trauma to the arms is allowable.

Another plus is that the nose pads are adjustable, meaning they can be slotted into the perfect fit for more comfort. Those pads have “sweat-draining lines,” meaning there is no discomfort or distraction taking away from concentrating on that next all-important shot.

For more on these cool (in more than one way) shades, go to and find the style that fits you perfectly for that cool look and approach to the game of golf or elsewhere.