Cooter Gear Is Ready To Take On Yeti In Keeping Drinks Cold

By Gord Montgomery, Senior Writer, Inside Golf

While most golf courses frown upon bringing your own soothing adult liquid refreshments, there are times after you go double bogey-triple bogey that the cart girl can’t get to you fast enough. You may have seen that person earlier, but in a late afternoon round, you’re often told “This is my last tour of the day.”

To make up for that, you order two or three (or more) beverages for your group. The problem is those refreshments tend to warm up before you need an ego-soother.

Perhaps the newest cooling container on the market, Cooter Gear, can help with that issue. This is a great investment and not just for keeping golf refreshments cool.

Steve Lock, who markets the product, said, “We’re a Canadian company, based out of BC. Yeti is so expensive that we developed a cooler that’s better than theirs, for cheaper. Ours has a solar panel to charge your phone and keep ice (frozen) for 72 hours.”

Another benefit of Cooter Gear is it is enabled with a Bluetooth speaker to play the tunes you enjoy while making your appointed rounds. It’s waterproof, which you hope doesn’t come into play on your local links.

Most Park & Golf Courses Don’t Allow Outside Alcohol On Their Layouts, So It’s Often A Case Of Stocking Up On Beverages In The Restaurant Or From The Cart Person. But You Do Need A Place To Store The Refreshments & A Way To Keep Them Cold. (Photo By Gord Montgomery/Inside Golf)

Cooter Gear holds 15 beers along with a bag of ice or 18 without the cooling aid for groups with extreme thirst. Just in case you end up somewhere you really shouldn’t be on the course, Lock noted, “It’s got a waterproof pocket in the back for your phone and if you have to go into the water to get your ball, it floats, so it’s a life preserver as well.”

Each product sells for $289 (free shipping included) and is available through They’re also available at several stores across BC and Alberta.

If you’re an advocate of cold drinks on the golf course or anywhere else for that matter, check out this new Canadian idea. If you’re on a golf course, beware of those water hazards — not that this cooler can’t handle the wet stuff. As for your golf cart? That’s a different situation altogether.