Video Clip: John Daly Responds to Vijay Singh's Workout with His own Version

John Daly shows off his guns and his own Workout Regiment

As we all know, John walks to the beat of his own drum. The fun-loving, crazy pants wearing, cheeseburger eating, dart smoking, diet coke drinking legend of golf shows off his own workout routine.

The video was a reply to Vijay Singh's many workout videos. Vijay works hard and has worked hard his whole career. He wouldn't have this career and prolonged career on the Champions Tour without his passion for health, fitness, and nutrition.

Daly isn't buying that nonsense. He believes working out consistently can hurt your game. To be honest it is hard to argue with the 2-time Major Champion.

To describe this video would be a little scary as you can see it for yourself below.

Click HERE to watch John at his finest