Gen i2 Doubles As Launch Monitor, Simulator

Gen i2

LOS ANGELES, California — Every golfer would love to have a sports and gaming simulator in their home or office, but let's face it, most are too expensive and the setup is a pain. The engineers and developers at Coach Labs have achieved a technology breakthrough, bringing golfers of all skill levels, the world's most affordable simulator that anyone can buy and setup in less than a minute - anytime, anywhere!

The GEN i2 smart ball (formerly the GEN i1) now has functions for putting, chipping, pitching and full swing including your driver. Use the GEN i2 ball on or off the course to get ball speed, backspin, sidespin, launch angle and carry distance. The GEN i2 provides golfers launch monitor data, personalized in-app coaching, and peer-to-peer gaming and tournaments all in its proprietary free mobile app. Download, connect and play a full round of simulated golf in under an hour.

"The GEN i2 is going to shorten the transition time from the range to course improvement," said Tim Leible, PGA Professional and director of instruction at Coach Labs. "Getting launch monitor data, knowing your exact distance to any point on the golf course, learning which club to use in every situation, and identifying your strengths and weaknesses will completely change the game of golf. And if you lose the GEN i2 there is a 'Find your Ball' feature, just as long as it's not at the bottom of the lake."

The GEN i2 is designed for golfers of all abilities from amateurs to professionals. The set-up process takes less than a minute; it's easy and very user friendly. The GEN i2 Full Simulator package retails for $299 and includes: Pop-up Net, Multi-terrain Mat, GEN i2 ball and Club Tracking Sensor. Setup the Gen i2 simulator at your home or office to compete with friends or opponents from around the world online playing single-hole matches or full tournament rounds.

Jason Koo, Coach Labs founder, has 20 years of experience as an inventor and product developer that spans retail, promotional products, and electronics/sports technology. Koo is excited to launch the GEN i2 following the success of the GEN i1 putting system. "We launched the GEN i2 on Kickstarter, a community that encourages backer support and feedback, and within two days of the campaign, we surpassed our "funded" goal with three more weeks left to go," said Koo.

The GEN i2 is being offered in two packages. Backers can buy either the GEN i2 Full Simulator kit or the GEN i2 Full Game Launch Monitor with club sensor. The GEN i2 Full Simulator includes a high impact pop-up net, multi-terrain golf mat, nine-axis club sensor, and a GEN i2 launch monitor. The latter will only include the GEN i2 smart ball and the club-tracking sensor.

Purchasers can buy the GEN i2 Full Simulator kit for as low as $220 (limited quantities remain) and the GEN i2 Simulator kit for $109, but only on the Kickstarter Campaign.

Worldwide shipping of the GEN i2 is scheduled for July 2018. For more information, visit or call 888-766-5554.

About Coach Labs, Inc. 
Coach Labs, Inc. empowers athletes and coaches with professional and highly accurate technology to increase performance. Jason Koo, founder and creator of Coach Labs, Inc., is a serial entrepreneur and inventor of Duotrac and GEN i1. Curt Menefee, Fox Sports broadcaster, is a partner and ambassador for the company. The product development team includes PGA players, teaching professionals, sports enthusiasts and experts, aimed to make breakthrough training devices that make golf easier, more affordable, gratifying and more fun.