PGA Tour Champions Gives Smoltz 3 Exemptions Into Events

Smoltz won the celebrity portion of the Diamond Resorts Invitational this past month

Smoltz had a Hall of Fame career on the diamond which spans over almost two decades.

Smoltz, who is now 51 spends most of his time on the golf course and now will spend a good amount of time on the Champions Tour.

The Champions Tour announced today that Smoltz will get sponsors exemptions for 3 tournaments in 2019 starting with the Cologuard Classic from March 1-3.

"When the phone call came for this opportunity to play in three events, I was like a little kid who just got one of the best Christmas gifts," Smoltz told "But I totally get the whole responsibility and the whole thing coming into it. The first thing I did was call a couple of my friends on the tour and said, 'Tell me, seriously, what do you think?' And they all said to a man, 'This is going to be awesome. Do it.' Because there's always going to be somebody who thinks that's not the way to go about it, but because I qualified for the U.S. Senior Open, it gave me credibility to do this. So I looked at my schedule, picked three great events, and I can't tell you how excited I am."

John took a step from celebrity, amateur golfer to serious golfer after qualifying for the U.S. Senior Open. Look for John the first weekend in March.