Haywood Golf is Turning Heads with their Wedge Game

Local Vancouver golf company is changing the wedge game for the beginner to the amateur golfer

Haywood Golf is independently owned and was created to design a wedge that felt like a $200 club with a $100 price tag.

After sourcing manufacturers and a meticulous testing process on the range and on the course, we discovered a wedge that was solid on approach shots and soft around the greens.

Applying features and elements of high-end manufactured clubs with their forged steel and CNC milled faces, we tastefully designed a head that is minimal, and sleek - a wedge that will look good in anyone’s bag.

After coming across Haywood Golf, their wedges just continued to catch your eye.

They provide either Black or Silver heads with three loft options of 52, 56 and, 60.

Different shaft and grip options are available including custom stamping with any text and color.

Haywood Golf is trying to change the way people buy golf clubs.

Haywood also sells its own range finder with JOLT technology, slope adjustment technology, quick focus, 500-yard range and, water resistant.

In the works for Haywood Golf is a muscle back iron set that likely will have custom options just like their wedges.

These irons look better than any muscle back irons you've seen.

Stay tuned for future information and articles on Haywood Golf.

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